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Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition
Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition    “Deep in the darkest recesses of a
  young scientist
s mind is an obsession
  with death, following the passing of
  his dog and his beloved mother;
  but it is an obsession that is to lead
  to the dangerous and tragic creation
  of a man in a damaged body who
  yearns to belong and to be loved in

BASED ON THE IMMORTAL NOVEL by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition is a compulsive, tragic and poignant tale with an empathetic and hugely talented all-star cast, retelling the ever-fascinating story of a young man's desire to address his obsession with death.

Viktor Frankenstein (Alec Newman: A Lonely Place To Die) has been brought up by loving parents, Caroline (Academy Award Nominee Julie Delpy: Before Sunrise; 2 Days In New York) and Alphonse (Mark Jax), with his younger brother William and the orphaned Elizabeth (Nicole Lewis), with whom he is in love.

10th Anniversary
Special Edition
is a compulsive, tragic
and poignant tale
with an empathetic and
hugely talented
all-star cast...”
After an idyllic childhood playing with their friend Henry Clerval (Dan Stevens), Viktor and Elizabeth have grown up happy and content until a disaster strikes. First, their beloved dog Bruno is killed in a tragic accident and then their adored mother loses her fight with Scarlet Fever.

A distraught Viktor becomes obsessed with death and when he leaves to study Science at University in Ingolstadt he is hailed as a star pupil, building his own laboratory at his lodgings.

Working secretly on his own, Viktor uses dead men's bodies to create a man; a monster (Luke Goss: Blade II; Hellboy II) and gives him life. The monster escapes and finds hostility wherever he goes a pitiful soul in torment who has done nothing wrong but is feared and reviled.

Only a blind man and his trusting grandchild befriend him, but his happiness is soon shattered by the arrival of her frightened parents and he becomes a hunted and desperate creature with a deep hatred for the man who gave him life: Viktor Frankenstein.

The film starts off in the icy North with Captain Walton (Donald Sutherland: The Italian Job 2003; The Hunger Games) and his crew stranded on a storm-lashed tall ship in the frozen sea.

Rescuing Viktor Frankenstein from certain death at the hands of a relentless pursuer, the Captain listens to his insane ramblings fraught with fear and dreadful warnings as he relates his story in flashback. A terrifying tale as real as the tortured howls echoing in the Arctic fog and as timeless as the need to be loved.

Described as a "spectacularly ambitious new version that will rouse audiences with something far more profound than fear", Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition explores the terrible result of a man violating the laws of God and science.

The misunderstood and pitiful creature, who has done nothing wrong and cannot understand why he is so reviled and feared, comes to hate the man he calls father = a brilliant and heart-rending performance by Luke Goss.

The film also features: William Hurt (Kiss Of The Spider Woman; A History Of Violence) as Professor Waldman; Jean Rochefort as Old Blind Man; and Ian McNiece as Professor Krempe.

Music is by Roger Bell; director of Photography is Alan Caso; Special Make-up Effects by Almost Human; Teleplay by Mark Kruger (Candyman: Fairwell To The Flesh); Produced by James Wilberger; Based on the Novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley; and Directed by Kevin Conner (responsible for bringing the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs novels to the big screen in the 1970s: At The Earth's Core; The Land That Time Forgot). Shot entirely on location in Slovakia and Norway.

* The monstrous release Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition, comes to DVD in the UK from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on 13 January 2013. Catalogue Number: KAL8326 | RRP: 15.99.

"Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition is a compulsive, tragic and poignant tale with an empathetic and hugely talented all-star cast" Maggie Woods