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Game Of Death

Game Of Death“A CIA operative is forced to take on
  his own crack team single-handed
  when they go rogue, killing his mentor
  and leaving him slap bang in the
  middle of a Game Of Death

AMONG THE CIA'S FINEST AGENTS, Marcus Jones (the superb Wesley Snipes), Zander (kickboxing champion Gary Daniels: The Expendables) and Floria (award-winning stuntwoman Zoe Bell: Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2; Television's Xena: Warrior Princess) are colleagues inseparable friends who would give their lives for each other and for their country. Until they are given a mission that sees some of the team giving in to temptation.

The principled Marcus is in charge of the mission to get close to arms dealer Frank Smith (Robert Davi) as his bodyguard in order to infiltrate the corrupt Redvale Corporation in Detroit. John Redvale (Quinn Duffy) has committed hundreds of millions to oil exploration in Africa and bankrolls Smith to supply arms to rebels to undermine any governments who stand in his way.

The object of the CIA's mission is altered as some team members see the opportunity to gain access to millions of dollars in cash. When Smith has a heart attack, Marcus saves his life and rushes him to Detroit Receiving Hospital, where he is attended in ICU by a female doctor, Rachel (Aunjanue Ellis: The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3; Television's The Mentalist).

But armed and dangerous CIA agents gone bad have burst into the hospital and are intent on forcing Smith to take them to Redvale. Leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, Marcus's once-trusted friends have set him up and he is now wanted for robbery and murder.

Can Marcus get to Redvale in time to prevent more deaths and to clear his name? He will have to go against the very people he had counted as friends and allies as he tries to deal with the death of his mentor Dietrich, who was like a father to him, the betrayal of his team and the disintegration of everything he believed in.

Losing is not an option. Marcus will go in hard and fast, but there is one thing he cannot ignore: Rachel has been taken at gunpoint along with Smith and she is in grave danger. Game Of Death is a tense and exciting movie reminiscent of the go-get-'em style of Steven Seagal with tremendous gung-ho fight scenes.

Shot on location in the State of Michigan, Game Of Death also features Ernie Hudson as Clarence. Music is by Jesse Voccia; Director of Photography is Erik S Curtis; Executive Producers include Zev Foreman, John Hicks and Richard Rionda; Produced by Billy Dietrich, Rafael Primorac, Philippe Martinez; Screenplay Written by Jim Agnew; Screenplay is by Megan Brown; and Directed by Giorgio Serafini.

Wesley Snipes stars in the explosive thriller Game Of Death as Secret Ops Agent Marcus Jones, out to own on DVD, Blu-ray and EST on 21 February 2011. Certificate: 15 | Total Running Time: 93 Minutes | Catalogue Number: OPTD1739 | RRP: 15.99.

Extras: Trailer; EPK.

"Game Of Death is a tense and exciting movie reminiscent of the go-get-'em style of Steven Seagal" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar