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Go Fast

Go FastHyper-action and plenty of thrills
  are packed into the adrenalin-fuelled
  Go Fast as drug traffickers in high-
  speed power boats and cars zoom
  across the Mediterranean sea from
  Morocco to Spain and on to France —
  with the Law hard on their heel

THE AMAZING HI-OCTANE Go Fast erupts onto the screen as a drugs bust is going down on the streets of Paris, France. A team from the Brigade de Recherche d
'Intervention, lead by Jean-Do Paoli (Olivier Gourmet), is waiting for Lucien Martinez (Jil Milan) and his associate N'Diaye (Evariste Kayembe-Beya).

Backing up the team is Arabic-speaking Marek (superbly portrayed by Roschdy Zem), who realises that the apartment used for the stake-out has been compromised. The team — including Marek's best friend and partner — is wiped out.

Devastated by his loss, Marek is desperate to get even. His transfer to an elite squad gives him the chance he has been waiting for. He undergoes the tough training necessary to get him through and infiltrates the traffickers who are using the 'Go Fast' system — having been told that there is a US agent already working under cover with them.

As Marek slowly gains the trust of the traffickers and strives to keep his identity secret the drugs arrive at the pick-up point in Spain, via speedboats that race across the Mediterranean from Morocco. From Malaga, a fleet of high-powered cars accompany the drugs across the Continent towards France — with Marek behind the wheel of an Audi RS4 and a sassy woman driving a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Roaring along motorways with the scenery disappearing behind them, the dealers reach break-neck speeds and pull such daring stunts as they weave in and out of the traffic at distances too close for comfort that the police have no chance of catching up.

Keeping the pedal pressed to the metal and stopping for nothing, these dangerous manoeuvres are nothing compared with the fate that awaits Marek if his cover is blown. But has he taken one chance too many?

From the stunt team behind the Transporter franchise, Go Fast is an adrenalin-fuelled, no-holds-barred trip that drops you right into the heart of the trafficking crime lords and leaves you breathless — a dangerous world of fast cars, hot girls, smoking guns, lethal drugs and double-crosses at every turn. This 'high-speed' cops 'n' robbers catch-me-if-you-dare film is a must for action fans and thrill seekers alike. With a refreshingly different kind of hero who definitely walks the walk, Go Fast is non-stop thrills overlaid with hyper-action. A definite must-see.

Go Fast also features: Raphael Marciano as Fourguet; Nicolas Bougourd as Thomas; Maria Payen as Veronique; Everiste Kayembe-Beyu as N'Diaye; Samir Maagouz as Samir; Olivier Gourmet as Jean-Do Paoli; Jil Milan as Lucian; Xavier Maly as Evrard; Catalina Denis as Gladys; Jean-Michel Fête as Maco; Frédéric Epaud as Wilfrid; Jocelyn Lagarrique as Sylvain; Julie Durand as Nadia; Maurade Zeyundias as Luigi; David Baracao as Fred. Music is by Agoria and Alexandre Azaria; Produced by Emanuel Prevost; and Directed Olivier Van Hoofstadt (Body Bag, Snuff Movie).

So belt up for a pulse-throbbing ride into the violent and dangerous world of undercover narcotics cops as Go Fast explodes onto DVD, courtesy of Momentum Pictures, on 8 February (2010) | RRP: £15.99 | Certificate: 15.

"With a refreshingly different kind of hero who definitely walks the walk, Go Fast is non-stop thrills overlaid with hyper-action" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar