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Gran Torino

Gran TorinoClint Eastwood’s latest well-crafted
  vehicle as Director/Actor sees the star
  working on both sides of the camera
  for the first time since Million Dollar
in Gran Torino — a don
  movie that will keep you hooked...

THE NAME CLINT EASTWOOD CONJURES UP gritty films with intriguing plots and seemingly-innocent scenarios that explode into exciting, well-paced thrillers and Gran Torino is no exception. Ever since Clint was spotted riding across the small screen in Rawhide an incredible half-century ago, he has chalked up an impressive list of successful movies.

Gran Torino has something of the flavour of the Spaghetti Westerns that started Clint on the road to fame. Playing Korean war veteran Walt Kowalski, who is disappointed with the way his life and his neighbourhood have turned out, Clint develops his character sympathetically.

Following the death of his much-loved wife Dorothy — "I got the best woman on this planet to marry me" — Walt wants to keep himself to himself and live for his dog and his immaculate 1972 Gran Torino. He resents the na´ve but well-meaning Catholic Priest Father Janovich (Christopher Carley), who tries to impress upon him that it was Dorothy's wish that Walt should attend church.

The retired autoworker lovingly services and washes the Gran Torino and goes about his day-to-day business seeking solitude, even ignoring his selfish family's apparent concern for him.

But embittered, tough-talking racist Walt has reckoned without the family of Hmong immigrants from South East Asia next door, whose attempts to be neighbourly when he is relaxing on the front porch are largely ignored or met with Clint's trademark snarl — returned amusingly by Grandma (Chee Thao).

Walt cannot help but become involved when a local gang, feeding on violence and fear, intimidate the family next door and he chases them off, attracting unwanted attention when his grateful neighbour's friends and family turn up in force with endless gifts of food and flowers.

Then the young Thao (Bee Vang) is tempted into trying to steal the Gran Torino as an initiation for the gang, led by Thao's cousin. Supported by his sister Sue (Ahney Her), Thao is considered to have dishonoured the family, who offer to get the boy to do some work for Walt (more Clint-style snarls!).

Walt takes Thao under his wing, encouraging him with his schooling and arranging work for him with a friend of his in the construction industry, Tim Kennedy (William Hill) and providing a comedic (and very un-PC!) moment with barber Martin (John Carroll Lynch).

Having already saved Sue from the gang once, Walt is enraged to find she has gone missing and he fears the worst. And by now it is obvious that he is suffering from a serious illness. Having grown close to the family, how will Walt react if Sue is not found safe and well? Can he help to purge the neighbourhood of the out-of-control violence and will his friendship and guidance really make a difference to Thao?

Gran Torino is a don't-miss thriller; a tragic yet heart-warming venture into a violent world that is rapidly escalating out of control and one man's determination to put things right — at any cost.

Beautifully filmed in the US State of Michigan, Gran Torino also features: Bright Haley as Mitch Kowalski; Geraldine Hughes as Karen Kowalski; Brian Howe as Steve Kowalski; Dreama Walker as Ashley Kowalski; Brooke Chia Thao as Vu; Choua Kue as Youa; Scott Reeves as Trey; Xia Soua Chay as Kor Khue; Sonny Vue as Smokie; Doua Moua as Spider; and Julia Ho as Dr Chang. The film is Directed and Produced by Clint Eastwood; Screenplay by Nick Schenk; Story by Dave Johannson and Nick Schenk; Director of Photography is Tom Stern, afc, asc; Music by Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens and Art Director is John Warnke. The song Gran Torino written by Clint Eastwood, Jamie Cullum, Kyle Eastwood and Michael Steward and Performed by Jamie Cullum and Don Runner.

The critically-acclaimed, box office smash hit Gran Torino comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 29 June, 2009, courtesy of Warner Home Video. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 112 Minutes Approximately.

Special Features

Manning The Wheel: The Meaning of Manhood as Reflected in American Car Culture | Gran Torino: More Than A Car: Visit Detroit and the Woodward Dream Cruise, an Annual Vintage Car Event where Buffs Describe the Unique Bond Between Men and Vehicles.

"Gran Torino is a don't-miss thriller; a tragic yet heart-warming venture into a violent world that is rapidly escalating out of control and one man's determination to put things right — at any cost" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A Must-See" — Daily Mail

"A Magnificent Clint Performance" — Daily Express

"Utterly unmissable. 10/10" — Daily Star

"A monumentally great film" — News of the World