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Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People’s History
Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People's History“Taking a look at the history of the
  British Isles through the eyes of
  the ordinary people, Michael Wood
  The Great British Story: A People’s
is a fascinating eight-part
  documentary currently showing on
  BBC2 that digs deep into the past
  to uncover who we really are and the
  journey we took to become British

FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS CAME A GREAT EMPIRE; and that Empire reached to the far corners of the world. But who were the people who became Britons and where did they come from?

Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People's History
takes a fascinating look at history through the eyes of the people of Britain — both locally and nationally. Setting the lives of the ordinary people into the context of landmark events from the Viking invasion and the Norman Conquest through to the Industrial Revolution and two World Wars, Michael's wonderful documentary demonstrates how the people of Britain are united by history.

presented; a wonderfully
entertaining and
informative documentary
that explains the
background to
making us British
The events unfold as diverse communities such as the real-life EastEnders of Stratford East and the Barbudans of Leicester tell their stories, with the greatest of all slave archives and stories from the DNA of the Wirral Vikings.

It is a story of struggle and war; of great achievements by a tiny island off the coast of Europe. Learn about how the Romans, who loved Britain, first named and defined us; and how our small island has such an enormous presence in history.

Using the extraordinary energy and interest of local people across the UK and the incredible resources of local archives, museums, societies and universities up and down the land, the series will uncover Britain's past and chart the many roads by which the people of Britain arrived at their present.

Michael delivers a grand, sweeping chronological narrative. Visiting key places in history, we hear from the silk weavers of Sudbury to the women chain-makers of Halesowen; see an amazing, carved sarcophagus in Govan Church; an Iron Age hill fort; and 7th Century churches.

We discover the large military town of Caerleon in South Wales, with its Roman legionary fortress; Arbeia, the fort of the Arabs; learn more about the presence of the Moors in Britain; how Rome's fall to the Visigoths affected Britain; and how our land got its cultural, linguistic and political identities.

Exciting finds help us piece together the history of our fantastic land. The dig at Long Melford in Suffolk, a town with a deep-rooted history, sees ordinary people acting as archaeologists and discovering their own history.

We take a look at the ancestors of the English — the immigrants from Jutland, Denmark and Germany who were the Anglo Saxons, bringing a new culture and a new language to Britain. And learn of the impact of environmental problems, famine and plague on the population during the 6th Century, during which time St Columba was converting our Pictish ancestors.

Michael looks at some unique early books such as one by the 8th Century Anglo Saxon monk and teacher Bede's An Ecclesiastical History Of The English People, circa 737 and The Book Of Deer, which is the oldest book in mainland Scotland. He also looks at the search to find a lost Dark Age monastery.

Today we are a multi-cultural nation that enjoys anniversaries and celebrations and ours is an extraordinary story with over 1,500 years of a history that gives meaning and value to our present.

The original Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English have been joined by Anglo Saxons and Vikings; the present-day Caribbean peoples, Africans, and Indians. From Merseyside to Skye, from the Black Country to Cardiff and beyond; A Great British Story: The People's History looks at the true Britain with the help of experts including Dr Jonathan Williams of The British Museum, Professor Stephen Driscoll and Dr Katherine Forsyth of Glasgow University and Archaeologist Alex Groom.

Join Michael Wood on this compelling journey as he meets the people of Britain, past and present, to deliver a Who Do You Think You Are for the nation in the 21st Century. Magnificently presented; a wonderfully entertaining and informative documentary that explains the background to making us British.

Written and Presented by Michael Wood; Theme Music Played by the Band of HM Royal Marines; Executive Producer for the BBC is Cassian Harrison; and Series Producer is Rebecca Dobbs.

Currently showing on BBC2 and presented by the loveable historian and broadcaster Michael Wood, the fantastic eight-part documentary Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People's History comes to DVD courtesy of Acorn Media on 1 October 2012. Running Time: 480 Minutes on 3 Discs | RRP: 25.99 | Catalogue Number: AV3073. Special Features include: Michael Wood Biography | Picture Gallery.

"Magnificently presented; a wonderfully entertaining and informative documentary that explains the background to making us British" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Beautifully filmed and a bit sentimental, but also hugely informative" — Radio Times

"It's great: an engaging show about who we are and where we are" — The Guardian