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The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet“The buzz is out on the street that
  the highly-watchable action comedy
  The Green Hornet, is winging its
  way to home entertainment in a flurry
  of excitement...

DECADENT PARTY-LOVER Britt Reid (Seth Rogen: Pineapple Express) is happy with his aimless existence as the son of Los Angeles' most prominent and respected media magnate until his father James (Tom Wilkinson: Michael Clayton) dies, apparently from an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Finding himself the reluctant owner of the vast media empire that includes The Sentinel newspaper, he sacks many of his father's employees and only realises his mistake when he finds his morning coffee is not the delicious, beautifully presented cappuccino he is used to.

Discovering that it was Kato (Asian pop superstar Jay Chou: Curse Of The Golden Flower), who looked after his father's large car collection, who was responsible for the perfect coffee, Britt reinstates him and begins to realise he has a gift for invention.

Bored Britt is desperate to do something crazy and he and Kato strike up an unlikely friendship that turns into a chance to do something meaningful together; to become crime-fighters. After cutting the head from his father's commemorative statue, Britt sees a young couple being threatened by a gang of hoodlums and steps in to help, only to be rescued by the resourceful Kato, who has a very unique fighting gift. The resulting police car chase is unmissable!

Initially Britt and Kato break the law in order to protect it. Britt models himself into a vigilante superhero called The Green Hornet and Kato builds The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with equal parts of firepower and horsepower — the ultimate in advanced retro-weaponry and a veritable mobile fortress.

Giving themselves plenty of publicity via The Sentinel, The Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato rapidly begin making a name for themselves, using Kato's clever gadgets to strike at the bad guys. And they don't come any badder than Benjamin Chudnofsky (Oscar-winner Christop Waltz: Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Inglourious Basterds, 2009), who controls LA's gritty underworld and has his own plans for swatting The Green Hornet to exterminate him once and for all.

But all is not well with the daring duo. The pompous and controlling Britt is beginning to anger Kato and there is further trouble when they become love rivals with the appearance of Britt's lovely new secretary Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz: upcoming Bad Teacher).

Can the duelling twosome fight the good fight without seriously falling out with each other? Will they rid LA of Chudnofsky and become the heroes they have set out to be? Britt is about to discover the truth about his father's death and his own life is now in danger.

The film has been described as the year's number one action comedy and although this high-octane buddy action adventure gets off to a bit of a slow start it soon recovers splendidly. The Green Hornet is packed with great fun, stinging wit and some serious action in true comic book style that will keep you hooked.

The Green Hornet also features: David Harbour (Quantum of Solace; Revolutionary Road) as Frank Scanlon and Edward James Olmos (Television's Battlestar Galactica; Stand and Deliver).

Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Pineapple Express; Superbad), The Green Hornet is Produced by Neal H Moritz (SWAT; xXx); Executive producers are Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Michael Grillo (The Uninvited; The Peacemaker), Ori Marmur (Battle: Los Angeles; The Bounty Hunter) and George W Trendle Jr (Television's The Green Hornet; The Lone Ranger).

Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry (Best Writing, Original Screenplay for Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, 2004, shared with Charlie Kaufman and Pierre Bismuth) brings his unique, cutting-edge visual style to this slick updating of the classic adventures of the masked vigilante The Green Hornet and his industrious sidekick Kato.

Justice has a new name, a kick-ass sidekick and no tights in the exciting new action comedy The Green Hornet, available courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD from 2 May 2011. RRP: 3D Blu-ray 29.99; Blu-ray 24.99; DVD 19.99 | Certificate: 12 | Running Time: Approximately 114 Minutes.

Exclusively available on The Green Hornet 3D Blu ray: The unique 3D Animated Storyboard Comparisons. The storyboard is a crucial stage in planning the shots of an intricate action scene. This feature presents the original storyboards for a scene in direct comparison (and contrast) to the final film. The storyboards have been brought to life with animated movement and rendered in 3D to take advantage of today's state-of-the-art home viewing systems.

Blu-ray Bonus Features include: The Green Hornet Cutting Room Floor game: Edit Your Very Own Car Chase Scene | Filmmakers' Commentary | Deleted Scenes | Awesoom Gag Reel |Making of Featurettes | Trust Me: Director Michel Gondry | Writing The Green Hornet | The Black Beauty: Rebirth of Cool | The Stunt Family Armstrong| Finding Kato | The Art of Destruction | Easter Eggs: Jay Chou Audition | Double Barrel | movieIQ.

"The Green Hornet is packed with great fun, stinging wit and some serious action in true comic book style that will keep you hooked" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A brilliant mix of comedy and action ****" — Zoo

"****" — News Of The World

Packed with irreverent humour and "explosive action" — Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

"It's not dying you need to be afraid of but never having lived" — The Green Hornet