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Hinge & Bracket Gala Evenings
Hinge & Bracket Gala Evenings “What happens if you mix
  classic music with humour
  in one delightful show?
  If it’s hugely-successful
  comedy double-act
  George Logan and Patrick
  Fyffe (aka Dr Evadne
  Hinge and Dame Hilda
  Bracket), you get a unique
  brand of fun that has
  provided first class
  entertainment spanning
  three decades...”

FOLLOWING THE ENORMOUS SUCCESS OF HINGE & BRACKET'S DEAR LADIES, Acorn Media has announced the DVD release of George Logan and Patrick Fyffe's much loved comedic Gala Evenings, starring the uproarious Hinge and Bracket.

After years of entertaining the residents of the small English village of Stackton Tressel, the irrepressible Dame Hilda Bracket and Dr Evadne Hinge were thrilled to be invited to bring their gala performances to a wider audience. These enjoyable evenings were filmed especially for the BBC between 1977 and 1981 at the Royal Hall, Harrogate and
The Opera House, Buxton. Away from the genteel world of cucumber sandwiches, bell ringing and bowls tournaments that they usually inhabit, the dear ladies perform with support from a full orchestra and choir — Stackton Tressel Choir, Stackton Tressel String Ensemble led by Andrew Orton and Stackton Tressel Operatic and Choral Societies.

These Gala Evenings were introduced by Joseph Cooper and Corbet Woodall, who describe the lavish surroundings of the venue and reveal a little historical fact. We also learn that the first Stackton Tressel Festival took place in 1954 and that the Gala Evening is the climax of the annual festivals. Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket usually open with The Gondaliers which — because they performed it in their first broadcast — is close to their hearts.

The miraculously clear notes the two jolly ladies sing are phenomenal! They are well-matched, name-dropping or constantly interrupting each other with sarcasm, wit, barbs and criticisms as each tries to correct or outdo the other. The black looks and exasperated gestures they exchange are absolutely terrific.

Dame Hilda mutters disapproval of a mistake pianist Dr Evadne makes: "Brandy butter's gone to her head…" Another time it is Dr Evadne who says: "…Dame Hilda's attention span is somewhat limited…" Later she sounds as if it is she is ad-libbing as she undertakes a piano piece with the words: "… please note — I shall not be playing this on the dummy keyboard!" And when they don't get the right reaction from the aud-ience, Dame Hilda sniffs: "Controlled enthusiasm… Spontaneous indifference."

The duo is also joined by solo artistes: "our lovely tenor and our bari-tone, Arturo Briggs and Placido Bates… and deputy pianist Methuen Hawkins — our local chemist." In the next gala it is two new soloists: Cyril Chipley and Audley Rogan.

Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket are well-known for their pen-chant for Gilbert & Sullivan. "And now," says Dame Hilda, "Gilbert and Sullivan — lovely to see you here! You really must get together and write another one!" The repartee is especially good on the 4th Gala Evening and one of the finales — The finale of Act I from The Mikado — shines with its soaring notes and rousing chords. Uproariously enter-taining, MotorBar awards the Hinge & Bracket Gala Evenings a Feel Good Factor rating of 8 out of 10.

Written by Logan and Fyffe, Hinge & Bracket Gala Evenings features live performances of the ladies musical comedy. It will be available for the first time on DVD as a two-disc set on 4 February 2008. Gala Evenings is Produced by Peter Ridsdale Scott and Directed by Hazel Lewthwaite.

Hinge & Bracket Gala Evenings has a running time of approximately 325 minutes and will be released on 4 February (2008) at an RRP of £19.99. Cat No: AV932. Special features include an exclusive inter-view with the George Logan.

Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket were a hugely successful comedy double-act played by Logan and Fyffe, respectively. The elderly pair — Hinge, an intellectual soprano, and Bracket, a pianist — played and sang songs to hilarious effect. They were the most unique female impersonators ever and their show was so convincing that people thought they really were women — a fact that over the years earned them cult status.