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Heartbreak Kid
Heartbreak Kid “What would you do if
  you went on your
  honeymoon and found
  true love — with another
  woman? Eddie, played by
  Emmy Award-winning
  actor Ben Stiller, is faced
  with that very problem in
  Heartbreak Kid, after he
  meets and marries blonde
  bombshell Lila....”

But there are one or two odd (minor) moments where situations, suggestions or language may cause offence. If you can get past that, this is a worthwhile film that would have stood up well without those parts.

It is a great story: having just come out of a long-term relationship and suffered humiliation at his ex's wedding, Eddie (Ben Stiller: Zoo-lander, Meet The Parents) is trying to come to terms with being on his own. Exasperated with his father Doc (Ben's real-life father, Jerry Stiller), who puts him under constant pressure to find a girlfriend, he believes he is given a golden opportunity when he rescues damsel-in-distress Lila (Malin Akerman), who is mugged as she leaves the laun-drette.

It seems even more like Fate when Eddie picks up the panties she's accidentally dropped and they bear an image of David Bowie — Eddie's favourite singer.

They can't keep their hands off each other but Lila won't go 'all the way' and Eddie thinks he's found someone really special. Six weeks later, as he gets more and more hooked in, Lila tells him she is an environmental researcher and that she may be transferred to Holland. On impulse, he marries her. And it's on the first night of their anticip-ated heavenly honeymoon that the girl of his dreams turns into the wife from hell as he discovers that her life is based on a tissue of lies.

Soon after reaching their exotic Mexican honeymoon location, Eddie meets and falls for the lovely Miranda, played by Michelle Monaghan (Mission Impossible III, Mr and Mrs Smith), who is there with her family to witness her aunt and uncle renew their wedding vows. She has no idea that Eddie's married — let alone on his honeymoon — and as their relationship builds, they have a number of comic misunderstandings over his marital status. But now Eddie has to find a way to disentangle himself from his brief but disastrous marriage without losing the real girl of his dreams!

Among the terrific stars is the location of San Francisco, with fabulous views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch out for the return of the twelve-year-old twins from the wedding — cheekily played by Nicholas and Michael Kromka. Also worthy of mention is Lila's Mom (Kathy Lamkin) and the brief appearance of the (exceedingly) busty woman in the hot tub played by Kayla Kleevage.

Will Eddie get the girl or will he return to his nightmarish wife? Is he heading for the divorce courts or for Heartbreak Hotel? Whatever, Eddie is in for a very bumpy ride…

Heartbreak Kid is an outrageously funny comedy from top writers and directors Peter and Bobby Farelly (There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber). Based on a screenplay by Neil Simon, Heartbreak Kid was produced by Ted Field and Bradley Thomas. The Soundtrack
is available on Plan R Soundtracks, LLC.

Heartbreak Kid, from Paramount Home Entertainment, is available
to buy on DVD and HD DVD on 4 February (2008) at a RRP price of £19.99 (HD £24.99).

Cert: DVD 15; HD 18 | Dolby Digital Surround Sound | Running Time DVD 111mins/HD 116mins | Side-splitting bonus features include com-mentary by the Farrelly Brothers, deleted scenes, a gag reel and fea-turettes: The Farrelly Brothers in the French Tradition; Ben & Jerry; Heartbreak Halloween; The Egg Toss.