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High Road To China
High Road To China“In the 1920’s, a glamorous American
  socialite hires a former World War I
  flying ace and hero — now a hard-
  drinking womaniser who gives flying
to fly her into war-torn
  Afghanistan where her missing father
  was last seen; but somebody is out
  to stop her and the Afghans are turning
  dangerous in the entertaining, tongue-
  in-cheek, sky-high romantic romp High
  Road To China

AT THE INSTIGATION OF family friend Charlie (Michael Sheard), who has come to Istanbul to warn her that she needs to urgently contact her missing father, beautiful society heiress Evie Tozer (Bess Armstrong: Television's My So-Called Life; Boston Legal) hires the only man available with an aeroplane to fly her to Afghanistan — former World War I hero and hard-drinking womaniser Patrick O'Malley (Tom Selleck at the height of his fame with Magnum PI).

Afghanistan was the last place Bradley Tozer (Wilfred Brimley) was known to have been; but somebody is out to make sure Evie does not find him. Dodging a hail of bullets and striking hard bargains are about to become occupational hazards as Evie, Patrick and his mechanic Struts (Jack Weston) take off for the war-torn country.

fun, clever and highly
watchable romantic
adventure that has
its dramatic moments
but never takes itself
too seriously
It is the 1920's and British troops are fighting in Afghanistan, so a less-than-friendly welcome might be expected; but their liaison with the British troops, including the dapper Johnny Silversmith (Jeremy Child), and a brush with the dangerous Afghan tribesmen led by Suleiman Khan (Brian Blessed) results in an unexpected helping hand.

Patrick sees Evie as a rich, spoiled brat. She has written him off as a drunkard and a philanderer. So it's inevitable that a romance is on the cards! As they make their way to Tibet and finally into China, their contempt of each other turns to something else. But Bradley's scheming partner Bentik (the always watchable Robert Morley) has agents hot on their trail.

There is no peace to be found in China either, and both Patrick and Evie risk their lives to help an uprising as they conclude their mission. This light-hearted, fun, clever and highly watchable romantic adventure has its dramatic moments but never takes itself too seriously. It is funny and exciting, benefiting from the laid-back Tom Selleck, and Bess Armstrong's portrayal of Evie's character is delightful.

Filmed in 1983, High Road To China followed in the wake of the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark but is more reminiscent of Romancing The Stone and, two decades later, 40 Days And 40 Nights (2002), in its comedic approach.

High Road To China also features: Cassandra Gava as Alessa; Lynda Marchal as Lina; Shayler Mehta as Ahmed; and Timothy Carlton as Officer. The rousing score is by John Barry; Director of Photography is Ronnie Tyler, BSC; Screenplay by Sandra Weintraub Roland and S Lee Pogostin, Based on a Novel by Jon Cleary; Produced by Fred Weintraub; Directed by Brian G Hutton (Where Eagles Dare; Kelly's Heroes).

* High Road To China is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on 28 October 2013. RRP: DVD 12.99; Blu-ray 14.99.

"High Road To China light-hearted, fun, clever and highly watchable romantic adventure that has its dramatic moments but never takes itself too seriously" Maggie Woods

Words of Wisdom from the film: "The Ox is slow but the Earth is patient"