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House Of The Rising Sun
 House Of The Rising Sun“A former cop comes out of federal
  prison, having served five years for
  corruption, determined to go straight
  and with a job as a security man at a
  strip club; but it seems that there are
  those who would do anything to see
  him back inside in the action-packed
  movie House Of The Rising Sun..

FRESH OUT OF PRISON, former cop Ray Shane (American professional wrestling legend Dave Bautista: The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption) appears to have sorted out his life. But he has not reckoned on enemies in his new life and in the police force who have reasons for wishing him back behind bars.

Working with security at the House Of The Rising Sun, a strip club in Grand Rapids, Michigan — owned by ruthless, well-connected Mob bosses Vinnie Marcello (Lyle Kanonse) and his brother Carlos (Danny Trejo: Sons Of Anarchy; Machete) — Ray notices that his colleague, Walter, has disappeared and cannot be found. He covers the door and Vinnie's son Peter (John G Carbone, also a Producer) goes to get his jacket for him.

In a matter of moments everything has changed. An armed gang of hooded and masked men raid the club, holding Ray at gunpoint. As Peter, unaware of what is going on, calls to Ray, the men panic and open fire indiscriminately as they make their getaway. Ray is distraught to find that Peter, whom he liked, has been shot and is dead.

Confronted by Vinnie and club manager Tony Zelio (Dominic Purcell: Straw Dogs; Prison Break), Ray realises that he has been held responsible for the security breach that led to the tragedy. Vinnie demands that Ray tracks down all the members of the gang and brings them to him, but as he traces the gang members one by one he is in for a shock.

He has also reacquainted himself with former girlfriend Jenny Porter (Amy Smart: Crank: High Voltage), who used to be a call girl; and he is given some friendly words of advice from Charlie Blackstone (Craig Fairbrass: The Bank Job), who clears up messes for Vinnie.

Doggedly following the trail, he realises that someone is two jumps ahead of him. When Ray finds Walter dead in a motel room, he pushes out the boundaries, wondering who he can really trust as his own criminal past comes back to haunt him.

Finding that he is suspected of being involved with the heist, he is now also being implicated in the murders. Desperate to clear his name, Ray now believes that someone on the inside was responsible.

He needs to find out who it was who has set him up while protecting those around him who could be in imminent danger — but even the ones who are supposed to be the good guys seem to want to see him back inside…

House Of The Rising Sun is a terrific, tough and fast-paced action movie that keeps you guessing as more is revealed about characters who are protecting their own skin. Described as "a lean, mean and dirty ride into a violent criminal underworld", The House Of The Rising Sun refrains from being over-explicit; in spite of some gore.

American professional wrestling legend Dave Bautista is fantastic at the head of the all-star cast of this superb film, which also features: Debra Harrison Lowe as Priscilla Zelio; Roy Oraschin as Skull Mask/Sylvester; Brain Vanderark as Jimmy LaGrange; and Tim Fields as Detective Carl Langtry.

House Of The Rising Sun is based on the novel by author, journalist, screenwriter and former Federal Agent Chuck Hustmyre and directed by Brian A Miller (Caught In The Crossfire). Written by Chuck Hustmyre and Brian A Miller; Music is by Norman Orenstein; Director of Photography is William Eubank; Producers are: Mark Sanders, John G Carbone, Kelly Slattery and Jude S Walko; and Director is Brian A Miller.

House Of The Rising Sun will be released on DVD by Momentum Pictures on 2 April 2012. Running Time: 84 Minutes | RRP: £12.99.

Special features include: Making Of Featurette | Cast and Crew Interviews | Optional English Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing.

"House Of The Rising Sun is a terrific, tough and fast-paced action movie that keeps you guessing" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Bautista goes ballistic in this explosive revenge movie" — Andrew J Staton, Martial Arts Illustrated