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Howards End
Howards End  “A touching and revealing window on
  the mores, manners and social
  conventions of Edwardian England,
  revolving around the interwoven fates
  and misfortunes of three families and
  two sisters who find themselves on
  two completely different paths is
  portrayed flawlessly in the compelling
  film from E M Forster’s classic novel
  of the same name, Howards End

THREE DIVERSE FAMILIES find their fates and misfortunes converging in Edwardian England at a time when the world is facing significant changes in a new century in the fine period movie Howards End, presented by Cohen Film Collection as a new 4K restoration from the original negative, overseen by the Director and Cinematographer.

Having met the wealthy Wilcox family on a trip to the Continent, young Helen Schlegel (the ever-fresh Helena Bonham Carter) is invited to spend a few days at their country estate, Howards End. There she develops a passion for young Paul Wilcox (Joseph Bennett) and they hastily decide upon an engagement — only to change their minds and come to a mutual agreement that it is not a wise thing to do.

Howards End
is an exceptional
and beautifully
Edwardian drama...”
However, in her initial excitement, Helen has contacted her sister Margaret "Meg" (the always reliable Emma Thompson) to tell her the news and her Aunt Juley (the lovely Prunella Scales) immediately rushes to Howards End, much to Helen's embarrassment.

The Anglo-German Schlegels are a gentle and clever middle-class family who live in a rented London town house. The head of the Wilcox family is tough businessman Henry (perfectly played by Anthony Hopkins), whose wife Ruth (the wonderful Vanessa Redgrave) inherited her much-loved home from her family.

Some months on, the Wilcox family rent a large apartment close to the Schlegels home and Ruth and Margaret become firm friends, with Margaret offering her support when Ruth becomes very ill.

When close to death, Ruth hears that the Schlegels are soon to lose their home and, grateful for Margaret's help, she leaves Howards End to her in a hastily-scribbled note, which the Wilcox family — determined not to lose their lovely home — destroy.

The Schlegels also befriend a young, clever, down-at-heel clerk, Leonard Bast (sympathetically played by Samuel West), who has a thirst for knowledge and loves music, but despite being attracted to Helen he honours a promise to the needy Jacky (well characterised by Nicola Duffett).

To his great embarrassment, Jacky recognises Henry from an earlier encounter and unfortunately Leonard is to fall on even harder times. Margaret and Helen, feeling guilty because he has acted upon their apparently well informed advice, offer their help.

Margaret and Helen's lives are to go in completely different directions, following their own choices and destinies. But the family's closeness prevails in this wonderful, newly restored film.

Described as a compelling, brilliantly acted saga of class relations and exploring the changing times of Edwardian England, Howards End is recognised as one of Merchant Ivory's masterpieces. The film won three Academy Awards for Best Actress, Writing and Art Direction and two BAFTA's, including Best Film.

Howards End is an exceptional and beautifully presented Edwardian drama from E M Forster's 1910 novel reflecting social mores and changes in England at the turn of the 20th Century from the perspective of three very different families whose lives merge.

Howards End also features: Jemma Redgrave as Henry's Daughter Evie; Adrian Ross Magenty as Tibby Schlegel; James Wilby as Charles Wilcox; Susie Lindeman as Dolly Wilcox; Crispin Bonham Carter as Albert Fussell; Simon Callow as Music and Meaning Lecturer; Mary Nash as Pianist; and Barr Heckstall-Smith as Schlegel Child.

Music is by Richard Robbins; Cinematographer is Tony Pierce-Roberts; Costume Design by Jenny Beavan and John Bright; Screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala; Producer is Ismail Merchant; Co-Producer is Ann Wingate; and Director is James Ivory.

* Cohen Film Collection is proud to present Howards End, released in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray on 27 November 2017. Running Time: Approximately 2 hours 23 minutes.

DVD Disc Features: Feature Length Audio Commentary | Cohen Merchant Ivory Reel | Original Theatre Trailer & 2016 Re-release Trailer.

Blu-ray Deluxe Edition Features: Feature Length Audio Commentary | Cohen Merchant Ivory Reel | 2016 Conversation between Director James Ivory and Laurence Kardish | 2016 Interview With James Ivory and Vanessa Redgrave at Cannes Film Festival | 2016 On-Stage Q&A with James Ivory and Michael Koresky at Lincoln Centre | 1992 Behind-the-Scenes Short Featurette with Comments by Cast and Crew | Original Theatrical Trailer & 2016 Re-release Trailer.

"Howards End is an exceptional and beautifully presented Edwardian drama" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar