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Humans 2.0
Humans 2.0“In a world parallel to Earth, humanoid
  Synths (Synthetics) are the must-have for
  every home and business — a servant
  to cater to a human’s every need — but a
  Consciousness Code giving Synths
  emotions puts the very future of Mankind
  at risk in the second series of the
  science fiction series Humans

THE COMPELLING SECOND SERIES OF HUMANS begins with successful solicitor Laura Hawkins (Katherine Parkinson) and husband Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) trying to put their life in order after Joe betrayed Laura with Synth Mia (Gemma Chan).

Their children Toby (Theo Stevenson), Mattie (Lucy Carless) and young Sophie (Pixie Davies) are all suffering from the fall out and the family moves house in their bid to start a new life, with Laura and Joe seeing Synth counsellor Barbara (Josie Lawrence).

Humans Series 2...
this tense, first-rate,
can’t miss sci-fi thriller
moves forwards at
a relentless pace while
introducing credible,
likeable characters
heading towards
an uncertain future.
The Hawkins family sympathises with the Synths, a handful of whom can feel and think for themselves — even fall in love — having been given the Consciousness Code by robotics expert Dr David Elster (played in Series One by Stephen Boxer), who gave it to Mia so that she could be a companion to his son Leo (Colin Morgan: Merlin).

Leo is protecting Mia, Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) and Fred (Sope Dirisu) who were built to be brothers to Leo, as well as Ten (Raphael Acloque) and Niska (Emily Berrington), who was designated work as a hooker and is on the run as she has killed a man who abused her.

Mia's work in a seaside café sees her falling in love with café owner Ed (Sam Palladin) but his financial situation and determination to pay his mother's care home fees puts Mia in danger and she is forced to take extreme measures to protect herself.

Californian top Artificial Intelligence expert Dr Athena Morrow (Carrie-Ann Moss) suffers a tragedy and tries to assuage her grief by experimenting with computer Vee (voiced by Chloe Wicks). When Milo Khoury (Marshall Allman), billionaire owner of a top technology company with a pioneering Synth programme, invites her to research conscious Synths she sees it as a way forward.

Synth Niska is in Berlin where she falls in love with Astrid (Bella Dayne), making an alarming decision about her future. The Synths' behaviour is changing and in a mining company in Bolivia, a Synth walks out into the sunshine. The Awakening has begun.

Synth Hester (Sonya Cassidy) leaves the production line where she works and finds her way to Leo, who is already being tracked by a mysterious organisation. Hester's subsequent actions endanger the group; but will she betray Leo? Can he be sure whom he can trust?

Police Detective Pete Drummond (Neil Marshall) loves conscious Synth Karen Voss (Ruth Bradley), who poses as human. Toby's schoolfriend Irene "Renie" Watson (Letitia Wright) is a human who imitates Synths, and his young sister is adopting Synth characteristics.

Computer expert Mattie has found and reactivated Odi (Will Tudor), the faulty Synth belonging to the late George Millican (William Hurt in Series One), but does she have the Code or is it with Niska? It would be unthinkable if the Code got into the wrong hands and all Synths were given human emotions but more tragedy is to follow and the Hawkins family are in grave danger.

As the Synths awaken, they are forced to confront enormous moral and ethical questions about their place in society. Joe has lost his job and is being replaced by a Synth; the threats are very real and the whole future of Mankind could be at risk.

The second series of Humans is even better as this tense, can't miss, first-rate sci-fi thriller progresses at a relentless pace, introducing credible, likeable characters heading towards an uncertain future. Fantabulous!

Humans Series 2 also features: Thusitha Jayasundera as Neha Patel, QC; Ritu Arya as Flash; Claudia Harrison as Dr Aveling; Tim Ahern as Gil; Eric Kofi Abrefa as Danny; Anastasia Hille as Diane; Danny Webb as Professor Edwin Hobbs; Nathalie Armin as Tabitha; and Billy Jenkins as Sam.

Series Music is by Cristobal Tapia de Veer and Sarah Warne; Series Cinematography by Simon Archer, Stuart Bentley, Urszula Pontikos, David Rom, Sergio Delgardo, Andrew McDonnell, Ruairi O'Brien and Stephan Pehrsson; Series Writers are Jonathan Brackley (Humans), Sam Vincent (Humans), Lars Lundstrom, Joe Barton, Emily Ballou, Charlie Covell and Iain Weatherby; Producer is Paul Gilbert; Series Directed by: Lewis Arnold, Samuel Donovan, China Moo-Young, Daniel Netthem, Mark Brozel, Francesca Gregorini and Carl Tibbets.

* From the creators of Humans, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, the thrilling drama series Humans Series 2 is released on DVD in the UK, courtesy of Spirit Entertainment, on 16 January 2017 along with Humans Series 1 and 2 Box Set.

Humans Series 2: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 369 Minutes | Catalogue Number: C4SP019 | RRP: £19.99 | Extras: The Making Of and Niska's Escape.

Humans S1 & S2 Box Set: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 369 Minutes | Number of Discs: 4 | Catalogue Number: C4SP021 | RRP: £34.99

"Humans Series 2… this tense, first-rate, can't miss sci-fi thriller moves forwards at a relentless pace while introducing credible, likeable characters heading towards an uncertain future. Fantabulous!" — Maggie Woods

"The sci-fi drama continues in superbly compelling style" — Heat

"Winningly warm characters, smart ideas, head spinning moments and pitch perfect performances" — The Daily Telegraph

"Absolutely top-notch second series gets even better" — The Guardian