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I Am Wrath
I Am Wrath“After witnessing the violent murder
  of his cherished wife, an unemployed
  engineer finds that grieving is not
  enough and he is forced to dispense
  his own kind of justice when the Police
  seem reluctant to help; but the killers
  and corrupt officers have no idea what
  they are about to unleash in the thrilling
  tale of revenge I Am Wrath..

SEEMINGLY A REGULAR KIND OF GUY, unemployed engineer Stanley Hill (the versatile John Travolta: Pulp Fiction; People vs O J Simpson) is about to lose the wife he adores and for whom he has given up the sins of his past.

In an airport car park, Vivian Hill (Rebecca De Mornay: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle) is attacked and murdered in an apparently random attack and dies in her husband's arms.

I Am Wrath
is an exciting, pulse-
pounding ride along
the trail of vengeance
with no holds barred.
Haunted by Vivian's death and determined to discover why she was killed, Stanley cannot understand why the Police are reluctant to track down and prosecute the killers — even when they have one of the killers and Stanley is able to identify him.

A grief-stricken Stanley has no other recourse other than to dispense justice himself and turns to his old friend Dennis (Christopher Meloni), with whom he has a very special relationship and who is the only person he can truly rely on.

What was it that Vivian knew that someone wanted kept quiet? How is Governor John Merserve (Patrick St Esprit), who is so desperate to be seen to be keeping crime off the streets and to oversee the construction of a new pipeline that may be controversial, involved?

Dennis and Stanley's deep, dark secrets are the key to opening up the mystery surrounding Vivian's death. Together they will take on the guilty and the corrupt police officers, facing cold-blooded killers and drug dealers. Behind them they leave a trail of destruction and more enemies in their wake.

There are those in high places and seedy bars who will do anything to keep their misdeeds from becoming public; but they are about to find out just who they are dealing with and God help anyone who stands in their way.

John Travolta is brilliant as the once-Black ops man turned gentle family man. I Am Wrath is an exciting, pulse-pounding ride along the trail of vengeance with no holds barred. Fantastic.

I Am Wrath also features: Amanda Schull as Abbie; Sam Tramell as Detective Gibson; Asante Jones as Detective Walker; Paul Sloan as Lemi K; Luis Da Silva Jr as Charley; Jordan Whalen as Mike; Jayden Blake Cochran as Jimmy; Caroline Kane as Jenna; Robert Forte Shannon III as Nathan; Stacy Levi as Cathy; James Logan as Lars; and Doris Mogado as Rosa.

Original Music is by Haim Mazar; Director of Photoraphy is Andrzej Sekula; Story by Yvan Gauthier; Screenplay by Paul Sloan; Produced by Michael Mendelsohn and Robert Carliner; Executive Producers include Richard Riond Del Vastro and Patricia Eberle; Directed by Chuck Russell.

* I Am Wrath is released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital in the UK, courtesy of 101 Films, on 16 May 2016. Running Time: 92 Minutes | Catalogue Number — DVD: 101FILMS205 / Blu-ray: 101FILMS205BR| RRP — DVD: 14.99; Blu-ray: 15.99.

"I Am Wrath is an exciting, pulse-pounding ride along the trail of vengeance with no holds barred. Fantastic" ~ Maggie Woods