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I Know Who You Are (The complete Season One)
I Know Who You Are (The complete Season One)  “The first season of the critically-
  acclaimed Spanish thriller I Know Who
  You Are
follows a successful criminal
  lawyer who has high ambitions until
  he loses his memory in a car crash
  and is accused of murdering his niece,
  even though he claims he cannot
  recall if he was responsible for her

STUMBLING ALONG A ROAD with torn clothes and cuts to his face to a petrol station, where the attendant calls the emergency services, successful criminal lawyer and a teacher of the most sought after ethics Masters Course in Spain Juan Elías (Francesc Garrido) claims he does not know who he is and cannot recall how he got there or how he came to be injured.

Once at the Santa Catalina Hospital his identity is established and his wife Alicia Castro (Blanca Portillo), a respected High Court judge to whom he has been married for twenty years, comes to collect him. He tells her that he doesn't remember her at all or anything up to the moment he was walking along the road. The doctor tells him he is suffering from post-traumatic amnesia.

“I Know Who You Are
is a gripping and well
constructed series that
throws up all manner of
secrets and lies...”
Police find Juan's wrecked car, which inexplicably went off the road on a straight piece of highway, and inside is a mobile phone belonging to his and Alicia's 23-year-old niece Ana (Susana Abaitua), along with traces of her blood. Ana was Juan's student and disappeared the night of the accident.

Her anxious father Ramón Saura (Nancho Novo), who is married to Alicia's sister Silvia Castro (Mar Sodupe) and is Dean of the University, feels Juan is to blame and insists that he is lying about his amnesia. Silvia's son Marcus (Martino Rivas), whom Ramón looks on as his own son, is also baying for Juan's blood. Haunted by a voicemail on his mobile from Ana, in which she sounds distraught and clearly in fear of her life from an unknown assailant immediately before she disappeared, Marcus's rage knows no bounds.

Juan does not remember the car crashing or having Ana with him and, when he returns home to his teenaged son Pol (Alex Monmer) and very forward eleven-year-old daughter Julieta (Noa Fontanals), the children help him piece together his life with them.

Accused of killing Ana as the evidence mounts up, even though there is no body, Juan continues to claim that he cannot remember if he killed her or not. Unable to defend himself he is given bail, much to Ramón's annoyance; but Juan's attorney and close friend Ricardo Heredia (Antonio Dechent) warns Juan that even if he does start to get his memory back, he should not tell anyone, not even his wife.

Juan had ambitions to become the Dean of the university but his life has now turned upside down. When he sees Eva Durán (Aida Folch), a former law student of his who became very close to him, he tells her that she is the only person he recognises.

Eva and her business partner David Vila (Carles Francino) have been asked by Ramón to get Juan's bail withdrawn, no matter what it takes; but Eva does not want to stand against Juan, even though David tells her that the future of the company depends on this case.

Julieta believes her cousin is alive and well as she told her she was going to run away and live in a place she called 'paradise'. But without evidence to the contrary, Juan looks guilty. However, if he really is innocent, how can he prove it? And is he truly suffering from amnesia? Did he kill his niece with the motive of keeping her silent about something? Or is there some sort of conspiracy to discredit him?

Ana has been missing for three days, and time may be running out…

I Know Who You Are is a gripping and well constructed series that throws up all manner of secrets and lies. Just when you think you have got it, another revelation is thrown into the pot. Well characterised and with a totally believable cast — especially young Noa Fontanals as Julieta — Season One leaves you eager for Season Two.

I Know Who You Are also features: Eva Santo Iaria as Marta Hess; Biel Duran as Adrián; and Júlia Molins as Lola.

Series Music by Arnau Bataller; Series Cinematography by Julián Elizalde and Gris Jordana; Series Writing Credits: Pau Freixas (Creator), Pol Cortecans, Ivan Mercadé, Eduard Sola, Daniel González, Silvia González Laá and César Vidal; Executive Producers: Pau Freixas, Carlos Fernández, Laura Fernández, Oriol Maymó, Toni Sevilla and Arantxa Écija; Director is Paul Freixas; Other Directors are: Joaquin Llamas, Jorge Coira and Silvia Quer.

* I Know Who You Are The complete Season One of this Spanish thriller as premiered in the UK on BBC Four is released in the UK by Nordic Noir & Beyond as a 5-DVD Box Set on 14 August 2017. Rating: 15 | Running Time: 16 x 70 Minutes | Number of Episodes: 10 | Catalogue Number: FCD1563 | Spanish with English subtitles.

"I Know Who You Are is a gripping and well constructed series that throws up all manner of secrets and lies…" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Silky, slick and sharp and looks fabulous, too" — The Guardian

"Glossy" — The Times

"Hypnotic" — The Arts Desk

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