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ID:A“An excitingly tense thriller with a twist,
  ID:A is about a young woman who has
  lost her memory and as she gradually
  finds her way back to her home country,
  Denmark, she begins to discover that
  her forgotten life had been a nightmare
  from which there is danger and tragedy
  she cannot escape...”

COMING ROUND IN A RIVER IN FRANCE, a young woman staggers to an hotel in a nearby village where, faced with signing the register, she realises that she cannot remember who she is.

Giving herself the name Aliena Amiel (Tuva Novotny: Eat Pray Love; Stoned), she is befriended by Pierre Blanchare (Arnaud Binard), the son of the hotel owner. She is clutching a duffel bag and when she opens it she finds two million euros and a handgun.

She has a cut on her forehead and is surprised to see her abdomen has recently been operated on as she still bears the stitches. Strangely, Ugo Marshall (Slavo Bulatovic) a politician who was known for his controversial proposal to cancel Third World debt to the industrialised countries was found dead at his home that morning, along with another man. The body of a local workman was also found two kilometres away.

Is there some connection between these deaths and Aliena? When two men come to the hotel asking if a young man booked in, Pierre's mother tells them that their description fits that of a young woman who is staying at the hotel.

Aliena finds herself being followed and as Pierre tries to help her put her life together, she also discovers that she can understand Danish. She has no idea what she was doing in France. Having changed her appearance, she makes her way to Denmark and on the bus she hears an opera singer on a Walkman whose voice sounds familiar.

The young man playing the recording tells her it is Just Ore (Flemming Enevold: The Killing II) and she checks out his concert tour. But she is still being pursued by some unknown assailants and, as she uncovers her very real, very traumatic life, she receives a call from her sister Mariette (Marie-Louise Wille), telling her that their brother Martin (Carsten Bjørnlund: The Thing; The Killing II) has disappeared.

Little by little, Aliena begins to recall the events leading up to her memory loss and, as she does so, she realises that the envied life she has led is a fragile world fraught with tragedy and danger with more shocks to come.

Following a long line of superlative and compelling amnesia-based thrillers such as Spellbound, the Bourne trilogy, Total Recall, Memento, Mulholland Drive and others, ID:A boasts a taut Hitchcockian plot that expertly teases the viewer with gradually revealed fragments of information before unveiling the final shocking truth about Aliena's life and who she really is. Tense and exciting, ID:A is a terrific crime thriller that doesn't give too much away.

ID:A also features: John Buijsman as Rob; Rogier Philipoom as Guus; Jens Jørn Spottag as HP; Francoise Lebrun as Isabelle; Koen Wouterse as Tim; Simon van Lammeren as Johan; Henrik Prip as Ove; Ann Hjort as Dolly; Joen Bille as Anton; Jens Saetter Lassen as Dreng; and the superbly empathetic Finn Neilsen as Rosie.

From Lars Von Trier's Zentropa Productions comes ID:A, a brand new thriller Directed by Christian E Christiansen, Director of the Oscar-nominated live-action short film Om Natten (At Night) and last year's number one US box office smash The Roommate. Produced by Louise Vesth (Melancholia); Executive Producers are Peter Garde (Melancholia; Antichrist), Peter Aalbaek Jensen (Melancholia; Antichrist) and Marie Gade.

ID:A is the latest addition to an impressive wave of intelligent, high quality Scandinavian crime thrillers that includes Borgen, Wallander, The Killing and the screen adaptations of Stieg Larsson's Millennium books.

From the Producers of Lars Von Trier's Melancholia and Antichrist comes ID:A, which will be released on DVD by Chelsea Films on 2 April 2012. Certificate: 15 | RRP: £12.99 | Running Time: 100 Minutes.

"Tense and exciting, ID:A is a terrific crime thriller that doesn't give too much away"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar