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I Know You Know

I Know You Know“He’s young, hes sensible and hes
  on his own with his adored father, who
  could be delusional or maybe he really
  is working undercover for MI6 —
  either way, Jamie will have to accept
  that his life is never going to be the
  same again in I Know You Know...

CHARLIE CALLAGHAN (superbly played by Robert Carlyle: The Full Monty; Trainspotting) is finding life just a little too much and is almost at the end of his tether. Disappointed with his lot, having suffered a crushing blow to his finances and his pride and desperate to change his fortunes in order to emigrate to the USA with his eleven-year-old son Jamie (a delightful performance by Arron Fuller), he is pushing himself to the edge as he works undercover as an agent for MI6. Or does he?

Constantly on an important mission and on the move, seemingly pursued by dangerous enemies and under the protection of his colleagues, the gun-toting Charlie believes he may be killed and is concerned for the safety of his son. His aunt and uncle, Lilly (Valerie Lilley) and Ernie (Karl Johnson) help Charlie to look after Jamie, who hates to be separated from his father.

Charlie's target appears to be Astrosat Satellite Broadcasting, for whom he seems to have a burning hatred — claiming that they are planning to put a "big brother" ear into every house in the UK. But as Charlie's behaviour becomes more and more unpredictable and he suffers paranoia, events start to unravel and the deep love between father and son is both strengthened and then tested with heartbreaking, devastating consequences.

Jamie has been bullied at school along with his friend Richie (Aaron Lamprey) and is fascinated by his father's espionage work. He hero-worships Charlie, who is fiercely protective of his son and teaches him how to deal with the bullies. But it increasingly becomes clear that the world of spies has become all too real and Charlie sees an enemy in every contact. Just who is Charlie's first point of contact, Mr Fisher (David Bradley)? And what is the reality of Charlie's life and loss?

I Know You Know is a sometimes bleak, sometimes sad but always fascinating, unusual, quirky thriller-style movie with a creditable cast that never lets up. Shot in a moody, well constructed and atmospheric way, the South Wales of 1988 is recreated perfectly — complete with Jensen Interceptor and Ford Capri.

Kerrigan's follow up to the cult classic Human Traffic is hugely different from the director's debut — a clubbers classic. Kerrigan says: "Stylistically I wanted to make I Know You Know look and feel like an old-fashioned film shot in the 80s to juxtapose the model for the birth of the satellite TV corporation that plays a threatening undertone to the mission." And on the ten-year gap between making Human Traffic and I Know You Know, Kerrigan adds: "After my father's death I needed to make this film as a testimony of love and to understand the double life he led when I was a child."

I Know You Know
is dedicated in loving memory of Justin's father Frankie Kerrigan (1949 to 2000) and is the Winner of the Welsh BAFTA for Best Film in 2008. The film was created in conjunction with the Film Agency, Wales. To find out more about the double life of Justin's father, visit The footage of the Celestis Memorial Spaceflight, launched on 21 September, 2001, was provided by Orbital Science.

Filmed on location in Wales, I Know You Know stars Robert Carlyle, introduces Arron Fuller and also features: Christian Patterson as Policeman John; Hoard Marks as Jack; and Daniel Flynn as Dean. Director of Photography is Ed Wild; Composer is Guy Farley; I Know You Know is Produced by Sally Hibbin (Carla's Song) and is Written and Directed by Justin Kerrigan (Human Traffic).

Network Releasing is delighted to announce the DVD release of the Welsh BAFTA-winning drama I Know You Know, a touching coming-of-age movie that is available to rent and buy on 24 May 2010. Certificate: 15 | RRP: 15.99 | Running Time: 78 minutes approx | Discs: 1 | Catalogue Number: 7953319.

"I Know You Know is a fascinating, unusual, quirky thriller-style movie with a creditable cast that never lets up" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Gripping and intense" — Metro Newspapers

"Mesmerising. Carlyle and Fuller are outstanding" — Alan Frank, Daily Star

"A tightly wound thriller/coming of age film" — Wendy Ide, The Times

"A sturdy blend of thriller and poignant personal memoir" — Allan Hunter, Daily Express

"Fantastic performances. Extraordinarily good" — Trevor Johnston, Sight & Sound

"****" — Total Film

"****" — Time Out Critic's Choice