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In Bruges
In Bruges “Originally released in 2008 and now
  with cult status, this darkly-humorous
  hit-man movie follows the lives of two
  career killers laying low in Belgium after
  their latest job goes horribly wrong,
  giving them time to rethink how they are
  living their lives while they spend two
  weeks hiding out In Bruges...”

LEAVING A BADLY-EXECUTED JOB BEHIND THEM with an innocent child dead, hit-men Ray (Colin Farrell: The Lobster) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson: Cold Mountain) are sent by their despairing boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes: The Grand Budapest Hotel) to lie low in the Belgian city of Bruges for a couple of weeks to await further instructions in the aptly named black comedy In Bruges.

Harry tells them to enjoy Bruges, as he did when he visited some years ago. Ken falls under the lovely mediaeval city's spell; enchanted by the cobbled streets and ancient buildings as he visits the old Cathedral and the churches.

With unexpected
poignancy and peppered
with ultra-dark humour,
In Bruges hits its
tongue-in-cheek target
Ray, having screwed up big-time on his first hit, and with the death of an innocent child preying heavily on his mind, is ill-tempered, bored, resentful and desperate to get away from Bruges. He upsets everyone he comes into contact with, both locals and tourists, swearing and mocking them.

When Ray meets Chloe Villette (Clémence Poésy: The Tunnel) on the set of a movie starring racist American dwarf Jimmy (Jordan Prentice), he begins to take more of an interest in life in Bruges — but Chloe may not be all she seems to be.

Thrown together despite their differences, the two men have each found something for themselves in Bruges. However, they have yet to hear from Harry and when they do, it is not good news. Harry is on his way to Bruges to ensure the new hit is carried out, but Ken is realising how much he has been affected by the beauty of Bruges and is not sure he can kill anymore, in spite of the fact that he owes Harry a debt that cannot be changed. Can he even trust Ray?

Described as an "hilariously dark hit-man movie with a heart", the film sees Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell in career-defining, critically-acclaimed performances as a pair of hired killers who are rethinking their positions after their bloody experiences. But will it all be too late for the hit-men?

You have been warned: there are racist and other comments that may be found offensive and strong language throughout. Despite this, with unexpected poignancy and peppered with ultra-dark humour, In Bruges hits its tongue-in-cheek target irreverently. We urge you to escape to Bruges!

In Bruges also features: Ciarán Hinds as The Priest; Elizabeth Berrington (Good Omens) as Natalie; Eric Godon (The Missing) as Yuri; Anna Madeley as Denise; Olivier Bonjour as The Film Director; and Jean-Marc Favorin as The Policeman.

Music is by Carter Burwell; Director of Photography is Eigil Bryld; Produced by Graham Broadbent and Pete Czernin; and Written and Directed by award-winning director Martin McDonah (Three Bill Boards Outside Ebbing Missouri).

* Shooting onto Limited Edition Blu-ray, courtesy of Second Sight Films, In Bruges is released in the UK on 19 August 2019. Running Time: 90 Minutes | Catalogue Number: 2NDBR4100.

Special Features — Six Shooter: Martin McDonagh's Oscar-Winning Short Film in HD | Shoot First, Sightsee Later: A new Interview with Director of Photography Eigil Bryid | Finding The Rhythm: a New Interview With Editor John Gregory | Finding Bruges: A New Interview With production Designer Michael Carlin | The Alcove Guy: A New Interview With Actor Eric Godon | When In Bruges: Interviews With Cast and Crew and On-Set Footage | Strange Bruges: Interviews with Cast and Crew and On-Set Footage | Deleted Scenes | Boat Trip Around Bruges | Gag Reel | Optional English Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing.

LIMITED EDITION CONTENTS — Comes in stunning packaging as a rigid slipcase that includes new artwork by Thomas Walker, who also designed the exclusive cover for the Faber and Faber screenplay included with the release. A 50-page soft cover book contains new writings by Ian Christie, Dr Eamonn Jordan (Author of From Leenane to LA: The Theatre and Cinema of Martin McDonagh) and Bomb Magazine Archive Interview with Martin McDonagh.

"With unexpected poignancy and peppered with ultra-dark humour, In Bruges hits its tongue-in-cheek target irreverently" **** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A wonderfully fresh take on a familiar genre: f***ed up, far-out and very, very funny" ****Empire

"The stars' foul-mouthed riff on Laurel and Hardy is shamefully entertaining… cynical and disgracefully funny" — Daily Star

"A laugh-out-loud dark comedy, giving Colin Farrell his finest role in ages" — Total Film

"The revelation is Farrell, whose natural petulance as an actor has never chimed so well with his deeper reserves of childlike vulnerability" — Daily Telegraph