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In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds
In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds“Two worlds meet as a martial arts 
  expert is called from the present
  to return to the once-visited Mediaeval
  times to protect a war-torn kingdom
  from an evil presence in the exciting
  sword and sorcery epic In The Name
  Of The King: Two Worlds

DEDICATED TO TEACHING MARTIAL ARTS to underprivileged youngsters, Granger (action superstar Dolph Lundgren) is gentle and altruistic but is also a lethal, ex-forces specialist who has a secret. He has travelled through time.

Relaxing at home, he is suddenly aware of mysterious forces at work as the sorceress Elianna (Natalia Guslistaya), pursued by her enemies, passes through time from her Mediaeval home to present-day Vancouver to seek Granger's help. Under attack from assassins, Elianna needs him to fulfil an ancient prophecy that will save not only her world but also his.

“In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds — a thrilling and enthralling action-laden film...
In the thrilling and enthralling action-laden film In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds, Granger is catapulted back to the kingdom of Ehb into a mystical age of magic and dragons. Under attack, he will have to rely on his senses and his talents to help him save not only the past world but also ensure the safety of the world of the future.

In this worthy sequel to In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, Granger is summoned to defeat the threatening forces of darkness in a fight that can only be fought with brutal hand-to-hand combat.

He is taken captive but finally earns the confidence of the king, Raven (Lochlyn Munro), and accepts the ministrations of medicine woman Manhatten (Natassia Malthe), with whom he appears to enjoy a good rapport.

The king tells of the dark ones, evil beings who worship the Holy Mother (Christina Jastrzembska) and who threaten the peace of the kingdom. Along with Manhatten, Granger is given the task of slaying the dark ones and killing the Holy Mother, giving evil no leader to follow.

But all is not as it appears and soon Granger will find his loyalties tested as he seeks to find the truth and the one thing that will see the kingdom restored to its peaceful state: the catalyst. Granger only knows that in order to find it he will have to travel a dark and dangerous path. And as he fights his way to the truth and a way back home, he realises that one wrong move could cost him not only his life, but the very future of his world.

Packaged with a stunning lenticular sleeve, making this a must for collectors, In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds is an action-packed fantasy adventure about a modern man finding redemption on an ancient battlefield where the greatest battle lies within in this blood-sprinkled historical epic.

In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds also features: Aleks Paunovic as Allard; Elisabeth Rosen as The Seer; Michael Adamthwaite as Thane; Michaela Mann as Young Woman; and Heather Doerksen as Dunyana. Original Music is by Jessica de Rooj; Cinematography is by Mathias Neumann; Producer is Daniel Clarke and Director is Uwe Boll.

From cult director Uwe Boll comes a tale of a mystical age where dragons scorch the skies, In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds, which is out to own on DVD and Blu-ray from 21 May 2012. RRP: DVD/BD 12.99/14.99 | Certificate: 15.

"In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds... A thrilling and enthralling action-laden film" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar