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Innocent“Having served seven years behind
  bars for the murder of his wife — a crime
  he insists he did not commit — a man is
  released from a high security prison
  and begins to try to rebuild his life,
  get his beloved children returned to him
  and find out who really killed his wife;
  but he finds the path back far more
  difficult than he could have imagined
  in the exciting new television thriller

AFTER FIGHTING TWO APPEALS against his conviction for the murder of his wife Tara, David Collins (Line of Duty's Lee Ingleby: The A Word) is released on a technicality after seven years in a high security prison and continues to claim he is not guilty in the four-part ITV thriller series Innocent.

stirs up emotions and
keeps you guessing
while staying glued
to the screen...”
Having lost his wife, his reputation and his children, his life is in ruins and he finds that even his old friends have turned their backs on him and view him with suspicion.

His children, very young when their mother was killed, have been taken into the care of their mother's sister Alice Moffatt (Cold Feet's Hermione Norris: In The Club) and her husband Rob (Adrian Rawlins: Girlfriends), who have become their legal guardians.

Settled with their aunt and uncle, Rosie (Eloise Webb) and Jack (Fionn O'Shea) — respectively now 12 and 15 — are at first afraid of their father as they believe he is guilty and fear he may kill them, too; but David's brother Phil (Daniel Ryan: Mount Pleasant) offers him a place to live and gives him support.

Unable to have children, Alice is determined that David will not take the children from her. She was jealous of Tara as her sister had always had money while she and Rob struggled and Tara had been funding their IVF treatment. Now she has the children she so desperately wanted, she does not want to lose them and seems genuinely concerned for their welfare.

David is equally convinced that his children would be best placed to live with him. He loves them and will not let them go. As he begins to put his life back together again, he starts legal proceedings to have Rosie and Jack returned to him.

The Police had never looked for anyone else in connection with Tara's killing; but as David is resolute in his fight for justice and to prove his innocence a new case is opened, led by DI Cathy Hudson (Angel Coulby: The Tunnel); who forms a bond with David.

Cathy discovers that the detective originally in charge of the case, DCI William Beech (Nigel Lindsay), had not been thorough enough in his investigations and it is possible that forensic evidence had been contaminated. She is in a relationship with him and cannot believe how slipshod he has been in his dealings with the case. He admits he was convinced of David's guilt.

Cathy begins to look at the evidence, including Alice's jealousy of Tara, to whom she owed thousands of pounds, and her uncontrolled rage when her sister demanded it back. Tara was having a relationship with one of David's friends, Tom Wilson (Elliot Cowan), when he was married to his first wife Louise (Christina Cole). Furthermore, Tom had been round to see David on the night Tara was murdered and he lied about timings.

As Cathy sorts through the old evidence and questions suspects, she begins to realise that she does indeed believe that David is innocent.

But is he and is it actually, as his lawyer claims, an appalling miscarriage of justice? And if David didn't kill Tara, who did?

This engrossing new series, with its superb acting, takes you through the process of David Collins' release from prison and his attempts not only to prove himself innocent but also to regain the love and trust of his children. Uncovering a number of suspects who may have had reasons to hate Tara, Innocent stirs up emotions and keeps you guessing while glued to the screen.

Innocent also features: Lynne Verrall as Meg; Robert East as Pete; Tony Gardner as Chief Supt Hillman; Samuel Edward Cook as DC Steve Beckton; Zahra Ahmadi as D S Mari Luz Garcia; Magdalena Kurek as Agata; Leila Farzad as Janice Parker; and Hannah Britland as Melissa.

Composer is Samuel Sim; Director of Photography is Dirk Nel; Executive Producers are James Flynn and Ronan Flynn; Written and Created by Matthew Arlidge (Silent Witness) and Chris Lang (Dark Heart); Produced by Jeremy Gwilt; and Directed by Richard Clark.

* Brimming with suspicion, secrets and lies, the four-part thriller Innocent, arrives on DVD in the UK courtesy of Acorn Media International, following its run on ITV in May, on 21 May 2018. Certificate: 12 | Running Time: 186 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: AV3406 | RRP: 19.99.

"Innocent stirs up emotions and keeps you guessing while staying glued to the screen"
**** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Lee Ingleby and Hermione Norris are on top form in this powerful thriller"
*****What's On TV

"Submerged secrets, meltdown-level performances and a propulsive pace" — The Guardian