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Invasion Planet Earth
Invasion Planet Earth “Earth is under attack from apparently-
  hostile aliens intent on destroying
  every living thing, but all is not as it
  seems as one man with a tragic past
  finally makes a shocking discovery
  that in order to survive he and his
  fellow humans must stop fighting the
  invaders in the quirky science fiction
  thriller Invasion Planet Earth...”

DEVASTATED BY THE DEATH of his young daughter Rebecca, Thomas Dunn (Simon Haycock), the manager of an institution for people with mental issues, is a broken man with issues of his own from the past that have dogged him all of his life his failure to save the life of his father Brian (Craig Rogers) following an accident, as his childhood hero, Kaleidoscope Man, would have been able to do.

He also has a difficult relationship with his brother Freddie (Paul Lincoln), but when his wife Mandy (Lucy Drive), a teacher, tells him that she is to have another child, he hopes he can put the past to rest. However, his optimism is short-lived as he, his wife and others begin to suffer horrifying visions of the destruction of the Earth.

A very clever idea…
Invasion Planet Earth
is a welcome
British triumph
for SciFi fans...”
While at work, he discovers from his colleague Claire Dove (what a pleasant surprise to see the lovely Toyah Wilcox here!) that the home is to be closed down and he fears for the future of the patients — three of whom are also experiencing weird and terrifying living nightmares that threaten to unhinge them.

Further bizarre and frightening visions distress schizophrenic Floyd (Danny Steele), manic depressive Samantha (Sophie Anderson) and Harriet (Julie Hoult), who blamed herself for her mother's murder at the hands of her father Billy McCoy (Ben Shockley) when she let him into their house.

Finally small spaceships appear, zapping the people of Earth who are subjected to mass abductions. Why are the visitors here and is there any hope at all for Mankind?

As people disappear before the eyes of those who have managed to hide, it seems as if all is lost when the alien mother ship appears. Tom is desperate to save his wife and unborn child — but how?

On a journey of extraordinary discovery Tom, Samantha, Floyd and Harriet begin to face their demons and it is then that it dawns on Tom with startling realisation what they must do to save themselves: give up resisting the aliens and willingly accept their fate.

Invasion Planet Earth has been a twenty-year labour of love for director/writer Simon Cox, who is also the Producer, Film Editor and Special Effects Supervisor for his film.

A very clever idea put together well and tied-up with a very interesting twist. Simon Haycock is sympathetic as Tom Dunn and the inter-weaving of troubled souls who are coming to terms with their pasts is poignant. Invasion Planet Earth is a welcome British triumph for Science Fiction fans.

Invasion Planet Earth also features: Michael Bott as Commander Jeff Phillburn; Kate Davies-Speak as Lt Claire Dangerfield; and Nina Stratford as President of the United States. Music is by Benjamin Symons; Cinematography by Gordon Hickie; Co-Writer is Simon Bovey; Written and Directed by Simon Cox.

Munro Films and Lightbulb Film Distribution announce that the ultimate war for planet Earth is about to begin as the science fiction thriller Invasion Planet Earth comes to DVD and Digital Download on 30 December 2019.

Fans of the film will be treated to over two and a half hours of extras as the DVD includes Commentary with Simon Cox, The Making of Invasion Planet Earth, Deleted Scenes and much more. Also, Step Into The New World pop promo featuring Toyah Wilcox.

"A very clever idea… Invasion Planet Earth is a welcome British triumph for SciFi fans" *** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A Science Fiction film for our Extinction Rebellion" — Starburst Magazine

"Grab your popcorn, buckle up and enjoy the ride" — Britflicks

"British Sci-Fi at its best" — MyFilmClub

****VultureHound ****Blazing Minds