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It’s A Lot
It's A Lot“A young college boy learns a hard
  lesson in life when he sets out to
  impress the hottest, but vainest, girl
  in the school by taking his father’s
  expensive Lotus sports car and
  holding her birthday party at his
mansion from then on,
  anything that can go wrong does go
  wrong in the highly funny movie
s A Lot..

GIVEN THE RIGHT START IN LIFE by wealthy parents who love him and have enrolled him in a posh private school, Shaun Hamilton (Femi Oyeniran) feels like he is isolated and out of place.

His cousin Kai (Jazzie Zonzolo), who is one of five children and whose mother struggles financially, goes to The Sacred Heart College and Shaun decides that that is where he wants to be. He has had enough of the self-righteous kids at what is supposed to be one of the finest school's in the country.

and cringe-making,
It’s A Lot
has a fine cast of
actors with some great
comedy lines...”
Entering a world of deceit, he changes schools without telling his parents and discovers he has been missing what life is all about girls, parties and excitement.

Having fallen for the beautiful but self-obsessed Chrissy (Roxy Sternberg), the hottest girl in the school who has two sycophantic friends Natalie (Red Madrell) and Aisha (Miss London) [Pink Ladies, eat your hearts out!], he sets out to make an impression.

While his parents are on holiday Shaun takes his father's prized Lotus car and drives to college, where in ten seconds flat Chrissy is in the car being taken for a ride back to his mansion, where she clearly cannot believe her eyes.

At first his grandmother (Ellen Thomas) isn't taken in, but the smooth-talking Chrissy soon has her eating out of her hand. Granny is having an evening out with Pretty Ricky (Tom Bott) so Shaun agrees to Chrissy having a party for close friends. However, the guest list spirals out of control and extends to her Facebook "friends" and Chrissy even has her friend Natalie charging at the door!

And this is where it all starts to go horribly wrong. With the house inevitably trashed and Shaun having badly damaged his father's precious car, the poor boy ends up having to find £20,000 to get it fixed as otherwise he just knows his father will go tribal!! Who's he gonna call?

With a hare-brained scheme that earns him widespread praise, he starts his own charity and finds himself with a new admirer but how will he get out of the mess he has gotten himself into? With his younger brother Tyrone (Kareem Grace) trying to blackmail him and his friends dragged into his plans, he is risking everything as he lies to the people he loves most including the lovely Natalie, whose sister (Tamar Anita Campbell) is gravely ill.

All Shaun wanted to be was top boy, and here he is faced with a dilemma: tell the truth and face the music or bluff his way out of it? As he discovers too late, when things get out of hand… It's A Lot!

Funny and cringe-making, It's A Lot has a fine cast of actors with some great comedy lines and also features: Jack Doolan as James; Roxanne Pallet as Louise; Sarah-Jane Crawford (Radio 1Xtra) as Lorna; Kojo (Choice FM) as Mr Adebambi; Charlie-Palmer-Merkell as Sam; Miles McDonald as Stephen; Bill Parfitt as Quinten; Silas Carson as Mr Patel; Stephen Marcus as Stanley Hatherly; Eddie Kadi as Michaelk; Renée Castle as Sandra; Vas Blackwood as PC Declan; and Danny Midwinter as PC Anthony.

Music Composed by Tim Cronin; Director of Photography is Richard Swingle; Written by Femi Oyeniran and Nicholas "Slimting" Walker (who also plays Jahvon); Produced by Dean Fisher; Directed by Femi Oyeniran and Darwood Grace.

* Featuring the stars of Anuvahood, Adulthood and Kidulthood, It's A Lot is released by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray on 17 February 2014. Running Time: 96 Minutes | Catalogue Number: KAL8304 / KAL8305 | RRP: DVD £15.99; Blu-ray £17.99. Extras: 11 Deleted Scenes | Making Of Feature.

"Funny and cringe-making, It's A Lot has a fine cast of actors with some great comedy lines" Maggie Woods