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Jackboots On Whitehall

Jackboots On Whitehall“England expects… and will not be
  disappointed with this clever and
  hilarious spoof that sees the nasty
  Nazis taking over London with the
  country’s only hope a large-handed
  farm-worker determined to kick out
  the Jackboots On Whitehall

WITH ITS PIONEERING TECHNIQUES in animatronics and CGI animation, Jackboots On Whitehall clicks instantly with its riotous satire and side-swipes at the British and the Germans alike.

It is a beautiful day in England's green and pleasant land… Or is it? Just as Captain English (voice of Tobias Menzies, who also voices Montgomery) is bragging about his exploits to a number of wide-eyed Barbie dolls, the sky darkens and a German Zeppelin appears. A portent of doom as the peace of the countryside is shattered by gunfire and a plentiful supply of maniacal German laughter.

The beautiful Daisy (voice of Rosamund Pike), recently returned from boarding school, is the love interest of farm-worker Chris (voice of Ewan McGregor), who was a foundling and who was denied active service because of his unusually large hands. Daisy's father is the unconventional vicar (voice of Richard E Grant) of quintessentially English village Hollow Bottom, and is yet to have his finest hour.

In this alternative history the evacuation of the British army from Dunkirk has been unsuccessful, leaving England unprotected and vulnerable to invasion from German forces. The RAF is down to one man, the redoubtable Billy Fiske (Dominic West) — who just happens to be a gung-ho, Russkie- and Communist-obsessed American.

But the Germans hadn't reckoned on English spirit; and on hearing of the forthcoming invasion Chris, the vicar and Daisy set off in a steam traction engine — a "crazy-assed war machine" — to take on the best of the German army with Billy's help. It's now up to the nation to repel the aggressors and rescue Prime Minister Winston Churchill (voice of Timothy Spall).

While 'Winnie' learns of the invasion, the fiendish Germans — led by the excitable Goering (Richard Griffiths), Himmler (Richard O'Brien) and Goebbels (Tom Wilkinson) — burst onto the streets of London, temporarily held back by the brave Major Rupee (Sanjeev Bhaskar) leading his dedicated troop of Punjabis.

With a very camp Hitler (Alan Cummings) firmly ensconced at Buckingham Palace and planning further evil deeds, all seems lost — until Churchill and his raggle-taggle band of loyal followers decide to head for the hills of Scot Land and safety behind Hadrian's Wall. But what lies beyond the wall? And are the English really as safe as they think?

Jackboots On Whitehall explores an alternative, side-splitting history with fascinating wit and remarkable creativity. Clever touches include a poster declaring 'Is Your Journey Really Necessary' as the steam traction engine carries the vital relief force to London. The Ritz Hotel becomes The FRitz Hotel and a Pole doggedly repairs telegraph lines and becomes stuck… up a pole! But never forget that being English means being free. Surrender? NEVER!

The brilliant Jackboots On Whitehall is the creditable debut of writer-director brothers Edward and Rory McHenry and when the film premiered in June at the Edinburgh Film Festival, it uniquely received a unanimous Special Mention from the Jury for the Michael Powell Award.

The incredible line-up of voice talents also includes Stephen Merchant as Tom, Hugh Fraser as The Frenchman and the BBC Newsreader; Pam Ferris as Matron Rutty; Neil Newbon as the Zeppelin Captain; Alexander Armstrong as Red Leader and Charlotte Moore as Heidi and Helga and also a very naughty dairy maid with a penchant for French delights.

Production Design is by David McHenry; Director of Photography is Michael Connor; VFX Supervisors are Clare Cheetham and Jonathan Cheetham; Music is by Guy Michelmore; Edited by Christopher Blunden ACE; Associate Producers include Cara Cheeseman, Marc Dando, Debbie McWilliams and Lukas Klein; Produced by Karl Richards and Patrick Scoffin; and Directed and Written by Edward and Rory McHenry.

The outrageously funny Second World War satire Jackboots On Whitehall goose-steps onto DVD on January 24, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. RRP: DVD £15.99 | Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 95 Minutes.

Special Features: Crew Interviews | Behind The Scenes Featurette | The Swastikas Featurette | Bad Day To Be A Nazi Featurette | Hitler's Rat Pack Featurette | The Nazi Hotties Featurette | Explosions Featurette | Voice-Overs Featurette.

"Jackboots On Whitehall explores an alternative, side-splitting history with fascinating wit and remarkable creativity" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Team America crashing headfirst into Inglorious Basterds!" — Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy

"Hilarious****" — Total Film