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Jordskott “A compelling Nordic mystery thriller,
  Jordskott is set seven years after the
  disappearance of the child of a police
  investigator who, convinced her
  daughter was kidnapped, returns to her
  home town after the death of her father
  and makes a connection between her
  daughter’s abduction and a missing boy
  who vanished from the same place..

SET IN SWEDEN, THE DARK AND MYSTERIOUS Nordic thriller Jordskott is based on the tales of Silverhöjd, combining a strong female lead character, mystic forces and Scandinavian folklore with a police drama, set in the depths of the ancient forest of Silverhöjd.

Seven years after police investigator Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel) lost her daughter Josefine in the forest near Lake Bläcktjärn, she returns to her home town of Silverhöjd following the illness and suicide of her estranged father Johan (Lars-Erik Berenett), head of Thörnblad Cellulosa, a large company that has been given mining rights to the forest.

Awesomely gripping
and darkly dramatic,
never falters in its
seamlessly intriguing
Josefine is thought to have drowned in the lake, but Eva has always believed that her daughter had been abducted. The discovery that another child, 8-year-old Anton Leander, has disappeared leads a still grief- stricken Eva to connect the two incidents.

The Police have been harshly criticised for their handling of their search for Anton, which is led by Detective Tom Aronsson (Richard Forsgren) and Göran Wass (Göran Ragnerstam), who is from the National Bureau of Investigation, under the control of Chief of Police Martina Sigvardsson (Anne Petrén).

Eva is desperate to talk to her father's friend Olof Gran (Hans Mosesson), who at the time also thought someone had taken Josefine and may have some vital information. Her father's attorney, Pierre Hedman, (Bengt Braskered) cannot help; but when she eventually tracks Olof down he claims Josefine has drowned and will not discuss it.

Her father's secretary and former mistress Gerda Gunnarsson (Lia Boyson) lies to Eva, telling her that the affair was over before Johan became ill. The father of her needy son Nicklas (Henrik Knutsson) is Johan's fellow director Gusaf Boren (Peter Andersson), who is now acting CEO and seems to have his own agenda.

Silverhöjd has become a place of secrets with many having something to hide. And when a series of murders follows, possibly linked to the man driving a white pick-up that Eva has seen in the forest, and a strange body is found in the river, it looks as if something very sinister is going on.

Eva sets out to discover the identity of the young girl wearing one of Josefin's earrings who turns up in the woods, traumatised and unable to speak and meets the seemingly-eccentric bag lady Ylva (Vanja Blomkvist), who seems determined to give Eva a gift she insists Eva needs and knows about the life-changing parasite called Jordskott.

What is the true nature of the schoolgirl Esmeralda (beautifully portrayed by Happy Jankell), who appears to have a very serious anger management problem and who is believed to have attempted to murder Tom? Does her friend Linus (a brilliant character part by Yohio) know her history?

More children will disappear and Eva and Tom join forces to solve the mystery and save his daughter Ida (Mira Gustafsson). But can Eva bring herself to enter into a terrible agreement that might lead to the return of her child? She will discover just how far she is willing to go for love.

The children of the directors of Thörnblad Cellulose are in danger and unless an ancient agreement is honoured, the forest will fight back in any way it can.

Awesomely gripping and darkly dramatic, Jordskott never falters in its seamlessly intriguing storytelling. Even the music is fantastic and well suited to the series. A strong acting cast with creditable support from the youngsters. In its native Sweden, Jordskott achieved the highest viewing figures in over ten years, breaking a record previously set by The Bridge.

Jordskott also features: Ville Virtanen as Harry Storm; Stina Sundlöf as Josefine; Nour El-Refai as Victoria; Felix Engström as Thomas Leander; Ann-Sofie Rase as Jeanette; Johannes Brost as Pekka Kolijonen; Oskar Thunberg as Holmström; Zandra Andersson as Britta Lingvall; Sigrid Johnson as Emma; Gustav Lindh as Jörgen Olsson; Johan Paulsen as Martin Dolk; Amie Vestholm as Young Josefine; Gerhard Hoberstorfer as Mannen från E N; Duncan Green as Frank Olsson; Max Vobora as Eddie Olsson; Mattias Fransson as Börje Dahlqvist; Louise Ryme as Petra; Anna Wallander as Stina Winter; Alba August as Lina; Utas as Jeppe Bergman; Ulf Wallgren as Nyhetsuppläsaren; Valter Löfgren as Oscar Leander; Malena Engström as Annika Grönvall; and Jantiselius as Ebbe.

Series Music by Erik Lewander, Olle Ljungman and Iggy Strange-Dahl; Series Cinematography by Kjell Lagerroos and Pelle Hallert; Writing Credits: Created by Henrik Björn. Alexander Kantsiö, Fredrik T Olsson, Dennis Magnusson; Producer is Filip Hammarstrom; Directed by Anders Engström and Henrik Björn.

* ITV Studios Global Entertainment is pleased to announce the UK release of gripping Nordic crime thriller Jordskott available on iTunes the day after it airs on ITV Encore and available to own on DVD from 17 August 2015. Pre-order now from Amazon.

DVD: Certificate: 15 | 10 x 60 Minute Episodes on 4 Discs | Catalogue Number: 3711536793 | RRP: £24.99.

Extras: Behind The Scenes | Interviews.

"Awesomely gripping and darkly dramatic, Jordskott never falters in its seamlessly intriguing storytelling" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"You can't take your eyes off it" The Guardian

The last episode of the popular series Jordskott is due to air on Wednesday 12 August and fans and new viewers will be able to watch the whole series when it releases on DVD on 17 August 2015. Each episode is available on iTunes the day after the ITV Encore debut.