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Jumping The Broom
Jumping The Broom“A whirlwind romance between two
  young African-Americans from totally
  different backgrounds brings their
  families together for a high-class
  wedding, giving plenty of opportunities
  for hilarity as truths are told, minds are
  spoken, personalities clash and secrets
  are revealed in the superb romantic
  comedy Jumping The Broom..

AFTER A SERIES OF DISASTROUS dates, beautiful uptown girl Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton: Precious) meets attractive downtown Brooklyn boy Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso: Just Wright; This Christmas) when she accidentally drives into him.

Sabrina introduces Jason to her world and he fits perfectly into it; visiting the opera and eating at expensive restaurants. When he romantically proposes he learns she is to take up a promotion in Peking, China, and they decide to marry before they leave together.

Sabrina introduces Jason to her parents, Claudine (Angela Bassett (Academy Award nominee, Best Actress, What's Love Got To Do With It, 1993) and Gregory Watson (Brian Stokes Mitchell), who adore Jason, but she has yet to meet her future husband's friends and family who are coming to the wedding at Sabrina's family home in Martha's Vineyard.

With the arrival of Jason's outspoken mother Pam (Loretta Devine: For Coloured Girls; Death At A Funeral), comes chaos. Nobody is ever going to be good enough for her "baby" and that includes rich girl Sabrina, who begins to believe Pam — who is on an anger-management programme — is the mother-in-law from hell.

Sabrina makes things worse by refusing to 'jump the broom', an old African-American tradition from the days of slavery, when black people were denied conventional marriages and showed their commitment to each other by jumping over a broom. It has always been a very important part of the weddings in Pam's family and she has her grandmother's broom at the ready.

When the two families are thrown together, chaos rules. Pam's best friend Shonda (the delightful Tasha Smith) becomes an object of desire for Sabrina's 20-year-old cousin Sebastian (Romeo Miller); Blythe (Meagan Good), the Maid of Honour, attracts the attentions of the chef (Gary Dourdon) and Sabrina's aunt Geneva (Valarie Pettiford) goes head-to-head with her sister Claudine. Jason's uncle Willie Earl (Mike Epps: Faster; The Hangover) tries to hit on Geneva and Malcolm (DeRoy Davis) is upset that Jason has chosen his friend Ricky (Pooch Hall) as his Best Man.

The cracks are also beginning to show in Claudine and Gregory's marriage; and when a distressing secret is revealed, Sabrina calls off the wedding. Will love conquer all as the wedding guests struggle to overcome their differences in this romantic comedy?

Jumping The Broom explores the universal themes of passion, love and family when two families of different backgrounds merge for a wedding and two cultures collide: the downtown Taylors and the uptown Watsons. The sparks fly. Jumping The Broom is an hilarious, uproarious and unmissable romantic comedy.

The star-studded, competent cast also includes: Julie Bowen (Television's Modern Family) as Amy; T D Jakes as Reverend James; and Vera Cudjoe as Mabel. Jumping The Broom is Directed by Salim Akil from a story by Elizabeth Hunter and a screenplay by Elizabeth Hunter and Arlene Gibbs; Original Music by Edward Shearmur; Cinematography by Anastas N Michos; Producers are: T D Jakes (also Reverend James), Tracey E Edmonds, Curtis Wallace, Elizabeth Hunter and Glendon Palmer.

The heart-warming romantic comedy Jumping The Broom debuts on DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on 23 January 2012. RRP: £19.99 | Certificate: 12 | Running Time: 108 Minutes.

DVD Bonus Features Include: Commentary with Director Salim Akil, Paula Patton and Laz Alonso | Featurette: You're Invited: Behind The Scenes | Featurette: Honouring The Tradition of Jumping The Broom.

"Jumping The Broom is an hilarious, uproarious and unmissable romantic comedy" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

Understatement of the movie
— Reverend James: "But I should warn you that sometimes life will really test you… even a soul-mate can really test you."