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Khumba: A Zebra’s Tale
Khumba: A Zebra's Tale  A young zebra born into the African
  wilderness with black stripes only to
  the front of his body is blamed for the
  sudden drought that affects his home-
  land; leading him into a dangerous
  adventure to discover the legendary
  watering hole where the first zebras
  were given their stripes in Khumba:
  A Zebra’s Tale

BORN WITH ONLY HALF HIS STRIPES, Khuma (voiced by Jake T Austin) has yet to learn that it is okay to be different. His mother has told him about the legend of the Zebras; how the first Zebras got their stripes at a magic waterhole.

During a terrible drought where there is not enough water to go round, Khumba is prepared to share what little the herd has with other animals but as the other Zebras believe this strange little guy with only half his stripes is to blame for the lack of rain, they are angry with him.

A Zebra’s Tale
will charm and enthral
children and adults
alike with its thrilling
storyline and quirky
Khumba is determined to make good, deciding to leave behind the safety of the compound and his close friend Tombi (voiced by Ann Sophia Robb) to try to find the magical waterhole his mother told him about that he has seen in a map carved into the rock.

As Khumba sets off on a quest across the Great Kagoo desert to find the mythical waterhole and save the herd, he teams up with the beautiful sassy Wildebeest Mama V (voiced by Loretta Devine) and flamboyant ostrich Bradley (voiced by Richard E Grant), but it is an adventure fraught with danger for the little Zebra and his friends.

Along the way he encounters hyena Skalk (voiced by Steve Buscemi) and a number of quirky and colourful characters including a Buddhist Praying Mantis (voiced by Adrian Rhodes) and a large Australian rabbit (voiced by Jeff Bennett). He is granted an audience with the great Black Eagle (voiced by Roger Jackson), crosses the paths of humans on Safari and faces the fight of his life with the tyrannical Leopard Phango (voiced by Liam Neeson).

Losing touch with his friends, an exhausted, lonely and frightened Khuma who has already experienced tragedy has to drag up all his courage in order to hold fast to his beliefs and complete his quest to save the herd and earn his stripes. But he is being followed and as he begins to recover his strength, Phango is closing in on him and there is still no sign of the much-needed rain…

A fantastic animated family adventure, Khumba: A Zebra's Tale will charm and enthral children and adults alike with its thrilling storyline and quirky humour. The 'Swan Lake' ballet sequence is superb.

The all-star voice cast also features: Laurence Fishburne as Seko; Anika Noni rose as Lungisa; Catherine Tate as Nora The Sheep; Ben Vereen as Mkulu; Juanita Jennings as Zuki; Sam Riegal as Jock; Alexander Polinsky as Nigel; Greg Ellis as Theobo; Joey Richter as Themba; and Jennifer Cody as Fifi. In Memory of Reinhold Rau, founder of The Quagga Breeding Project.

Music is by Bruce Retief; Written by Anthony Silverston and Raffaela Delle Donne; Produced by Stuart Forrest, Mike Buckland, Anthony Silverston, James Middleton and Jean-Michel Koenig; Animation Director is Quentin Vogel; and Directed by Anthony Silverston.

* A whole lot of adventure is in store in Khumba: A Zebra's Tale, released in the UK by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, available digitally from 25 July 2014 and on DVD and 3D Blu-ray from 28 July 2014.

Product Details:

DVD Certificate: U | Running Time: 85 Minutes | Catalogue Number: KAL8356 | RRP: £17.99.

Blu-ray/3D Certificate: U | Running Time: 85 Minutes | Catalogue Number: KAL8357 | RRP: £19.99.


Deleted Scenes: Ostracized, Stripes & Boys | Behind The Scenes: Acting Out, Nora The Sheep, Great Karoo.

"Khumba: A Zebra's Tale will charm and enthral children and adults alike with its thrilling storyline and quirky humour"
Maggie Woods