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Kidnap And Ransom Series Two
Kidnap And Ranson Series Two“Skilled British hostage negotiator
  Dominic King returns for a second
  series in the totally absorbing and
  tightly-scripted television crime thriller
  mini-series set in India, Kidnap And
  Ransom Series Two

DEALING WITH THE KIDNAPPING of a British Asian family in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, hostage negotiator Dominic King (Trevor Eve: Waking The Dead) is given a terrifying ultimatum when his arrangements go badly wrong.

Dominic is negotiating for the release of the Mehta family, visiting their son Mahavir (Gregg Chillin) in India when the kidnappers strike. He is actually completing the handover when the police arrive and during the subsequent shoot-out one of the kidnappers is killed.

The panic-stricken remaining kidnappers, Anwar Razdan (Madhur Mittal: Slumdog Millionaire) and Leela Nishad (Hasina Haque), grab one of the family — Mahavir Mehta (Gregg Chillin) — and jump on board a tourist bus, taking the multi-national passengers from the Jammu Palace Hotel hostage.

Despite Dominic's attempts to take charge of the situation, assuring the kidnappers that he did not inform the Police, a female Inspector (Letisha Singh) refuses to allow him to continue negotiations.

When the tourist bus crashes in a packed market square, Dominic begins the challenge of negotiating for the safety of a multi-national group of people, battling against the intervention of the Indian police and trying to learn the source of the kidnappers' motives.

He desperately liaises with his partner in London, Angela Beddoes (Helen Baxendale: Friends; Cold Feet) and his estranged wife Sophie (Natasha Little: Mistresses), who works for the British Foreign Secretary, Robert Holland (Owen Teale: Game Of Thrones). Dominic's close friend Carrie Heath (Amara Karan: The Darjeeling Limited) is helping him in India and he is under pressure to safely negotiate the freedom of the hostages.

In the meantime, news of the kidnap has broken and the world is looking on anxiously. But Dominic will not give up and eventually manages to re-establish contact with Anwar, whom he believes is responsible for organising the kidnapping of the Mehtas.

With the death of one of the passengers, the negotiations step up. But not all is as it seems and as Dominic races against the clock to prevent Anwar from carrying out his threat to kill one of the hostages, he has yet to discover that there is a very important young woman on board. Listed as Flo Fraser (Kimberley Nixon: Fresh Meat; Cranford), she is with an American boyfriend Karl (Daniel Fox) and has taken his name.

Once Anwar discovers Florence's identity, he sees a way to get a vast amount of money and is even prepared to deal with terrorists and risk Florence's life to get it. As the drama unfolds, Dominic is pulled in every direction and suffers tragedy of his own.

The crime-thriller mini-series Kidnap And Ransom Series Two is a tense, totally absorbing, perfectly cast and tightly-scripted high quality drama.

Kidnap And Ransom Series Two
also features: Sean Guilder (Shameless) as Shaun Cooper; Sharon Small (Downton Abbey) as Beth Cooper; Christopher Fairbank (Five Daughters) as Chris Taylor; Barbara Marten as Janet Taylor; David Dennis as Hiresh Mehta; Sahae Petersen as Etina Mehta; and Peter Butler as Iqbal Razdan.

The wonderful Trevor Eve heads a stellar cast that includes fellow original series cast members alongside guest stars. Created by acclaimed scriptwriter Patrick Harbinson (24; Law & Order; ER), written by Michael Cormpton (Silent Witness), and Directed by David Drury (The Take; Ashes To Ashes), this brand new second series of Kidnap And Ransom is packed with plenty of unexpected plot twists and proves to be equally as unexpected and absorbing as the first series. Composer is Philip Millker; Main Theme Music Producer is Christian Henson; Director of Photography is Mike Spragg; and Executive Producers are Trevor Eve and Rachel Gesua.

Following the ITV1 broadcast and DVD success of the crime thriller mini-series Kidnap And Ransom in 2011, Trevor Eve makes a welcome and highly anticipated return as freelance hostage negotiator Dominic King in the three-part series Kidnap And Ransom Series Two, which began its ITV1 broadcast on 23 February 2012 prior to its DVD release.

Kidnap And Ransom Series Two is released on DVD by Fremantle Media Enterprises on 26 March 2012. RRP: £14.99 | Certificate: 15.

"Kidnap And Ransom Series Two is a tense, totally absorbing, perfectly cast and tightly-scripted high quality drama" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Nerve-shredding… Kidnap And Ransom taps into the speed school of adrenaline-rush thriller" — Keith Watson, Metro