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Killing Gunther
Killing Gunther     “Arnie is back in a movie that features
  a documentary film crew following the
  plans and explosive actions of a team of
  improbably-inept assassins who are
  out to kill one of their own in the hilarious
  dark comedy thriller Killing Gunther...

BEARING A GRUDGE AGAINST the deadliest and most feared hitman on the planet, Blake (a remarkable performance from Taran Killam) plots to take him down and seeks out the best of the very few hitmen (and women!) that are prepared to risk taking on the job.

Putting out a fake hit to lure elusive Robert "Gunther" Bendik (the splendidly-dry Arnold Shwarzenegger) Blake hires a reluctant film crew to put together a documentary of the downfall of the king of the hitmen.

He plans to seize the crown for himself and become top of his game while taking revenge on Gunther, whom he blames for the break-up of his relationship with his former girlfriend Lisa (Cobie Smulders).

In a riotous blend
of dark comedy
and pseudo-tension,
Killing Gunther is
hilariously brilliant...”
Blake persuades a motley collection of assassins to join him, and first on the list is Ashley Hill (Aubrey Sixto), who taught Blake everything he knows about his trade. But trouble lies ahead and as he picks out his fellow team members he begins to realise that it is not so easy to kill a killer!

He is joined by the loyal Gabe (Paul Brittain); Izzat, also known as Crusher (Amir Talai); Pak Yong Ki (Aaron Yoo), whose best friend was killed by Gunther; Killer Twins Mia (Allison Tolman) and Barold Bellaklava (Ryan Gaul), whose cold-bloodedness knows no bounds; and his friend Donnie (Bobby Moynihan).

Blake convinces himself that he has every reason to believe he will be successful in killing Gunther, but it seems the top hitman has other ideas and the inept and bumbling would-be killers just cannot seem to get it right.

Increasingly frustrated that Gunther is one step ahead of him at every turn, Blake had not reckoned on Gunther's quick wits and dexterity. He did not become the world's deadliest assassin by accident.

In a riotous blend of dark comedy and pseudo-tension, Killing Gunther is hilariously brilliant as the top man foils his would-be successor at every level. More of this, please!

Does Blake manages to keep his team alive and kicking; can he manage to win back the lovely Lisa, prevent the terrified film crew from absconding and, most important of all, does he actually achieve his ambition of becoming the man who is responsible for Killing Gunther?

* The deliciously funny black comedy thriller Killing Gunther marks the directional debut of actor Taran Killam (Saturday Night Live; 12 Years A Slave; The Heat) and is available on VOD from 2 April 2018.

Killing Gunther also features: Hannah Simone as Sanaa; Peter Kelamis as Rahmat; Steve Bacic as Max; Scott McNeil as Cheyenne; Rebecca Olsen as Trish; Alex Duncan as Jewel; Amita Marmorstein as Nate; and Joel Labelle as Sultan.

Music is by Dino Meneghin; Cinematography by Blake McClure; Producers are: Taran Killam, Kim Leadford, Ash Sarohia and Steven Squillante; Written and Directed by Taran Killam.

"In a riotous blend of dark comedy and pseudo-tension, Killing Gunther is hilariously brilliant"
**** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar