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Kind Hearts And Coronets

Kind Hearts And Coronets“Brilliantly executed, very funny and
  ahead of its time, the 1949 black
  comedy Kind Hearts And Coronets
tells the story of a man whose mother
  was wronged by her aristocratic family
  and whose subsequent revenge has
  disastrous consequences...”

VOTED IN 2000 BY THE READERS OF Total Film Magazine as "the 25th greatest comedy of all time", Kind Hearts And Coronets was adapted from an obscure Edwardian book by Roy Horniman entitled Israel Rank: The Autobiography Of A Criminal.

Kind Hearts And Coronets is said to be the most perfect of all the Golden Age Ealing comedies. It famously features Alec Guinness in eight different roles as the unsuspecting members of the aristocratic D'Ascoyne family, who are about to be systematically despatched by the mercenary Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price). Mazzini means to inherit the Dukedom and exact his revenge on the family who wronged one of their own — his mother (Audrey Fildes).

A D'Ascoyne by birth, Louis Mazzini's mother ran away with an opera singer and was ostracised by her family. When her dying wish to be buried in the family crypt is refused, Louis vows to get even. As he ascends the social ranks, he is torn between his obsessive love for the now-married childhood sweetheart, and equally devilish Sibella (the wonderful Joan Greenwood) and the saintly wife of one of his victims, Edith D'Ascoyne (Valerie Hobson, who slips agreeably into character).

As Mazzini disposes of his relatives one by one, he moves ever closer to the heritage he considers rightfully his — the title of Tenth Duke of Chalfont and living at Chalfont, the family seat of the D'Ascoynes — actually the magical Leeds Castle in Kent.

The murders are carried out very cleverly and chance puts the victims perfectly in his way but, ironically, Mazzini is arrested for a murder he did not commit. While his life hangs in the balance, he takes time to reflect on the wrong-doing that is his alone. A big mistake!

Originally Alec Guinness was offered only four parts but on reading the script, which he found hilarious, he suggested that figure be increased to eight parts and the result is brilliant. He plays with equal verve: The Duke, The Banker, The Parson, The General, The Admiral, Young D'Ascoyne; Young Henry; and Lady Agatha.

Definitely not to be overlooked is Dennis Price with his stunning performance as the ambitious and vengeful Louis — somewhat overshadowed over time by Guinness. Mazzini eliminates the eight relatives standing between himself and the Dukedom with a coolly detached relish that gives Price a chance to shine.

The main character in the original 1907 book from which the film was taken, Israel Rank: The Autobiography Of A Criminal, was Jewish and convicted of killing the last of his victims. In the screenplay for Kind Hearts And Coronets a new victim was introduced who wasn't actually killed by Mazzini.

The film features stunning and inventive cinematography by Douglas Slocombe, and a groundbreaking first-person narrative that, legend has it, inspired Scorsese to make use of the same device in Goodfellas. The gorgeous music is Il mio tresoro (My Treasure) from Don Giovanni by Mozart. Kind Hearts And Coronets has been digitally restored and was released in cinemas on 19 August 2011.

Declared by astute critic Philip Kemp to be "light, witty and entertaining", Kind Hearts And Coronets was filmed in 1949 and has been described as the "quintessential British comedy". The film is as delightful today as ever; a frightfully funny black comedy with a compelling story acted out by the perfect cast.

Kind Hearts And Coronets
also features: Miles Malleson as Mr Elliott; Clive Morton as Prison Governor/Colonel; Cecil Ramage as Crown Counsel; and John Penrose as Lionel Holland.

The film was Written by Robert Hamer & John Dighton; Based on a novel by Roy Horniman; Cinematography by Douglas Slocombe; Produced by Michael Balcon; and Directed by Robert Hamer. The Philharmonia Orchestra is conducted by Ernest Irving.

The beautifully restored 1949 black comedy Kind Hearts And Coronets is released on DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Optimum Releasing, on 5 September 2011. Certificate: U | Total Running Time: 80 Minutes Approximately | B&W PAL | Catalogue No: OPTD1792 | RRP: 15.99. Blu-ray — Catalogue No: OPTBD1792 | RRP: 19.99.


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"Kind Hearts And Coronets as delightful today as ever; a frightfully funny black comedy with a compelling story acted out by the perfect cast"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar