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Klondike Based on incredible true events and
  with an all-star cast, the terrific hit US
  mini-series Klondike tells the story
  of two ambitious young men who brave
  the savage land of turn-of-the-century
  Yukon and face the violent men who
  would fight to the death in their quest
  for gold..

AFTER GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE in 1897, the highly-ambitious Bill Haskell (Richard Madden: Game of Thrones) and his best friend, gifted gambler Byron 'Ep' Epstein (Augustus Prew), are attracted by the promise of striking gold and make a perilous journey with a "hatful of hope" to seek their fortune.

Spurred on by the gold nugget given to them in Colorado Springs by a man who had already made his fortune, the two friends take his advice and head for the untapped hills around the Yukon's Dawson City.

is an exciting period
drama that is well-
written, with a terrific
cast, likeable lead
characters and
But yellow fever can drive men's minds to madness in their determination to stake a claim to a successful mine. Bill and EP enter a savage land where dangerous terrain and deadly enemies lie ahead as the story unfolds in the compelling hit US mini-series Klondike, beginning in June, 1897, in the Chilkoot Pass in Southern Alaska

A long line of weary men make their way up the perilous snow-covered slopes, dragging behind them the tools they will need to mine gold as they climb the forbidding mountain. Not all of them will make it.

By July the survivors are in the beautiful valley surrounding Bennett Lake, where they meet the lovely Sabine (Conor Leslie), who may not be all she seems. At the Yukon River, they encounter Indians and the tough but kind-hearted Father Judge (Sam Shepard: Mud), who plans to build his church in Dawson City.

Bill and EP are befriended by Jack London (Johnny Simmons) in Dawson City and Bill becomes attracted to the beautiful wood mill owner Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish: Robocop 2014). They also meet the ruthless gangster known as The Count (Tim Roth: Pulp Fiction), who wants to own the whole town and doesn't care how he gets it.

Facing avalanches, wild rapids, hungry wolves, a bitter winter, suspicion from other miners, prejudice, typhus and, ultimately, tragedy, the would-be miners discover a hostile and lawless land where trust is something that needs to be earned and danger lurks in every shadow.

Klondike gained critical acclaim in the US before the UK premiere on Discovery Channel. The series takes its inspiration from Charlotte Gray's book Gold Diggers: Striking it Rich in the Klondike and is beautifully filmed in Alberta, Canada. Klondike is an exciting period drama that is well-written, with a terrific cast, likeable lead characters and well-timed cliff-hangers.

Klondike also features: Tim Blake Nelson (Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?) as Meeker; Ian Hart (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) as Soapy Smith; Nicholas Campbell as Beckett; Marton Csokas as Superintendant; Greg Lawson as Goodman; Colin Cunningham as Swiftwater Bill; Mikaela Cochrane as Courtesan 1; Sarah Troyen as Courtesan 2; and Michael Greyeyes, a Plains Cree from Saskatchewan.

Series Music is by Adrian Johnstone; Cinematography is by Mike Eley, BSC; Writing Credits: Rachel Abramowitz, Charlotte Gray (also a Consulting Producer), Joshua Goldin and Paul Scheuring; Producers are: Clara George, Chad Oakes, Michael Frislev; Executive Producers include Michael Rosenberg, David W Zucker and the legendary multi-award winning Ridley Scott (Alien; Gladiator); and Directed by Simon Cellan Jones

* What doesn't kill you makes you a fortune in the hit US mini-series Klondike that comes to DVD in the UK from EntertainmentOne on 5 May 2014. Running Time: 272 Minutes Approximately | Episodes: 6 | Catalogue Number: EO5181D | Extras: Discovering Klondike Feature.

"Klondike is an exciting period drama that is well-written, with a terrific cast, likeable lead characters and well-timed cliff-hangers" Maggie Woods

"A rousing, old-fashioned adventure" USA Today

"Discovery stakes a claim on drama in Klondike and it pays off" The Wall Street Journal

"Boasting a first-rate cast, an increasingly engrossing narrative and frequently awe-inspiring visuals" Variety

"Bold, cinematic, on-location action" The Hollywood Reporter