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Lakeview Terrace

Lakeview Terrace“If you live next door to a police officer
  you feel safe, right? Wrong — not if
you live on Lakeview Terrace and the
cop you live next door to happens to be
  obsessive LAPD officer Abel Turner

HE IS A STRICT FATHER TO HIS CHILDREN, prays to his God, is a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and a self-appointed neighbourhood watchman who isn't averse to meting out harsh lessons to criminals. But widowed Abel Turner (Samuel L Jackson: Freedomland, Pulp Fiction) strongly disapproves of interracial relationships and harbours a life-changing secret.

Unfortunately for new neighbours Chris Mattson (Patrick Wilson: Watchmen) and his black wife Lisa (Kerry Washington: The Last King Of Scotland), Turner's views are unshakable and he begins a terrifying vendetta against them that threatens to escalate as much out of control as the raging forest fires that are creeping ever closer to Lakeview Terrace.

Chris and Lisa have moved to California, believing they have found their dream home. But it is rapidly turning into a living nightmare with the neighbour from hell who will not tolerate their relationship.

At first they refuse to be intimidated, but having suffered gross invasions of their privacy, harassment and barely-concealed derisory comments, the Mattson's relationship is strained and Lisa believes that Turner is not alone in his condemnation of their union. When Chris tells Turner he likes rap music, Turner calmly responds: "You can listen to that music all night long but when you wake up in the morning you'll still be white."

Chris decides to strike back — but it is when Turner is on the receiving end of the Mattson's retaliation that the gloves come off and more than their home is at risk. Turner involves unpleasant crack dealer Clarence Darlington (Keith Loneker) and now there can only be one way to end the vendetta once and for all.

Hollywood heavyweight Samuel L Jackson is perfect as the menacing Abel Turner, bringing to the role a brooding and bitter man who has very set ideas and values but who steps over the line. Although he instils the importance of respect into his children — 15-year-old Celia (Regine Nehy) and her younger brother Marcus (Jaishon Fisher) — and appears to be a pillar of the community, there is clearly something very wrong.

Underneath the professional veneer that has earned Turner the respect of his police partner Javier Villareal (Jay Hernandez: Quantantine, Hostel), lies a loose cannon. While the fires rage out of control, Turner burns with the same ferocity and relentlessly pushes the newlyweds to the limit — and nothing is sacrosanct.

Can the Mattson's marriage survive as Chris's anger boils over and Lisa is powerless to stop him confronting Turner? Will it all end in tragedy? An edgy, intelligent and provocative thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat, Lakeview Terrace explores the social boundaries of real life.

Set in a lovely area of California — in and around the City of Walnut — Lakeview Terrace features a talented and credible cast. With Samuel L Jackson at his sinister best playing the obsessive cop going over to the dark side, the Mattsons — a delightful couple with the world at their feet — cannot help but feel terrorised in this tense and well-paced thriller that develops superbly.

Directed by acclaimed writer/director Neil Labute (The Wicker Man, In The Company Of Men), Lakeview Terrace also features: Ron Glass as Harold Perrau, Justin Chambers as Donnie Eaton, Robert Pine as Captain Wentworth, Caleeb Pinkett as Damon Richards, Robert Dahey as Jung Lee Pak, Ho-Jung as Sang Hee Pak, Lynn Chen as Eden, Vanessa Bell Calloway as Aunt Dorrie and the lovely Cocoa Brown as the Bartender — what a shame her role wasn't larger.

Lakeview Terrace's beautiful music is by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna; Editor is Joel Plotch; Director of Photography is Rogier Stoffers, nsc; the film is Produced by James Lassiter and Will Smith; The Story is by David Loughery; and the Screenplay is by David Loughery and Howard Korder.

Lakeview Terrace is released on DVD, Blu-ray and UMDTM Video on 30 March (2009), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Special Features

Commentary with Director Neil Labute and Kerry Washington | Deleted Scenes | Welcome to Lakeview Terrace: Behind The Scenes Featurettes | Trailers.

"Lakeview Terrace A tense and well-paced thriller that develops superbly... with Samuel L Jackson at his sinister best playing the obsessive cop going over to the dark side" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar