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Last Passenger
Last Passenger“The remaining six passengers on a
  late-night train from London to Hastings
  are in for the shock of their lives

  a sociopath has hijacked the train
and is driving it at breakneck speeds
  towards its destruction, forcing them
  to come up with workable ideas to stop
  it in the tense thriller Last Passenger..

ON THEIR WAY BACK FROM A THEATRE TRIP TO LONDON, A&E consultant Dr Lewis Shafer (Dougray Scott: My Week With Marilyn; Mission: Impossible 2) and his seven-year-old son Max (introducing another great young talent, Joshua Kaynama) are caught up in a nightmare train journey from the city back home to Tonbridge, Kent.

Lewis meets the flirtatious and forward Sarah Barwell (Kara Tointon: The Sweeney), who strikes up a conversation with Max. After splitting from her boyfriend, she was out on the town with her friends and is now travelling back to Tunbridge Wells.

Last Passenger
is an exciting,
high-tension thriller
with a superb cast
binding it all
Everything seems normal on the train, which is bound for Hastings, apart from an altercation between the train guard (Samuel Ocker-Kawle), Eastern European Jan Kimowsky (Iddo Goldberg) who is smoking, and another passenger, the uptight and indignant Peter Carmichael (David Schofield).

Having woken up from a deep sleep, Lewis is aware that the almost-empty train has gone past his stop. As he looks out of the window, he is certain he sees an injured man crawling along the track and uses his mobile to call for an ambulance.

By now Lewis is aware that something is wrong. The guard is nowhere to be found and the train is not stopping at the stations. Lewis walks up the corridor to the First Class section and meets Elaine Middleton (Lindsay Duncan), who has been up to London to buy something for her grandchildren. Leaving Sarah and Max with her, he tries to contact the driver, to no avail. The only time the driver speaks is to ask how many passengers there are. When Lewis replies that there are six, the driver falls silent.

The train is getting faster, and all attempts to get into the driver's compartment fail and nothing happens when the communication cord is pulled. The six remaining passengers will need to work together to come up with a solution to stop the train.

Joined by Jan, a graduate from Gdansk University who now works for London Underground, and Peter, Lewis tries to think ahead to save them all, aware that the train is travelling ever faster and will derail at a curve in the track outside Hastings. With the Police powerless to help and a medical emergency on board, time is running out…

Last Passenger is an exciting, high-tension thriller with a superb cast binding it all together. Yes it has been done before but Dougray Scott is terrific and his character is a widower with a young son to protect, and therefore his decisions are more emotive. Last Passenger is Filmed at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios and on location at Tenterden Railway, Bluebell Railway and Dartmoor Railway.

Music Composed and Conducted by Liam Bates; Music Performed by The Orchestra of Ireland; Director of Photography is Angus Hudson; Visual Effects are by Tim Smit; Produced by Ado Yoshizaki Cassuto and Zack Winfield; Written by Andrew Love; Written and Directed by Omid Nooshin.

* Last Passenger is released in the UK on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, on 27 January 2014. Running Time: 97 Minutes | Catalogue Number: KAL8323 / KAL 8324 | RRP: DVD £14.99 / Blu-ray £15.99.

"Last Passenger is an exciting, high-tension thriller with a superb cast binding it all together" Maggie Woods