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Last Resort: The Complete Series
Last Resort: The Complete Series“Shortly after rescuing some Navy
  SEALs from the sea, the Captain of a
  United States nuclear submarine
  refuses to accept the validity of an
  order to nuke Pakistan
via a source
  only to be used in the fall of DC

  causing the entire crew to become
  fugitives in the gripping, explosive
  military series from Sony Pictures
  Television Last Resort: The Complete
, now available on DVD

FIVE HUNDRED FEET UNDER THE INDIAN OCEAN, the US Submarine Colorado receives orders to fire nuclear missiles at Pakistan via an old, Cold War, source that should mean that DC is incapacitated.

Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andrew Braugher: Television's Men Of A Certain Age) and Executive Officer 'XO' Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman: The Vow) refuse to act on the suspect order an action supported by Lieutenant Grace Shepard (Daisy Betts: Shutter), daughter of Admiral Arthur Shepard (Bruce Davison).

An incredible, tense
and exciting, fast-moving
series that takes
to the next level...”
The Top Secret Emergency Action Message from Emergency Antarctic Command to the USS Colorado may be linked to the mission of the US Navy Seals they have just picked up.

But not everyone on board is as cautious as Marcus. Master Chief Joseph Prosser (Robert Patrick: Walk The Line), the Chief of the Boat (COB), believes that the order should have been followed and some of the crew are with him.

Questioning the legitimacy of the order and requesting a communication from someone in authority, Marcus is alarmed when the Colorado is fired upon and left on the bottom of the ocean. An experimental new system, Perseus, keeps them off-radar until they cross the equator.

Alienated from the United States, Marcus and his crew, along with the Seals, head for the harbour of an exotic island that turns out to be owned by the sinister drug baron Julian Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah: Stomp The Yard).

On the island is a Nato Early Warning Station with a sophisticated computer system operated by a team led by Frenchwoman Sophie Girard (Camille De Pazzis: Gamer), who takes a romantic interest in Sam Kendal. Sophie is also supposed to be taking soil samples for Julian, who believes the island has hidden mineral riches he can exploit.

SEAL Barry Hopper (David Rees Snell), shot and wounded during the mission in Pakistan, remains incapacitated but he seems to know more about what went on in Pakistan and, crucially, why. Meanwhile, his friend and fellow SEAL James King (Daniel Lissing: Television's Crownies) falls in love with islander Tani Tumrenjack (Dichen Lachman: Television's Dollhouse).

Julian kidnaps three Colorado crew members, including Pilar Cortez (Jessica Comacho), in an attempt at controlling Marcus; but far more worrying for the captain is the knowledge that someone is working against them from the inside.

Sam's wife Christine (Jessy Schram: Unstoppable) is alone and afraid and his friend Paul Wells (Jay Hernandez) is apparently looking out for her. However, he is being influenced by those who are working against the Colorado.

Christine is befriended and helped by Kylie (Autumn Reeser: The Girl Next Door), whose father Barton Sinclair (Michael Gaston) owns the company that developed Perseus. But Kylie's boyfriend Robert Mitchell (Darri Ingolfsson) is not at all he seems to be.

Both Christine and Kylie are in great danger; and somehow Marcus and those loyal to him among the Colorado must prove their allegiance to the United States of America and clear their names. As negotiations hot up with unwelcome input from the Russians, Chinese, Americans and Pakistanis, their lives are in danger at every turn. They have yet to discover that those involved in this conspiracy of nuclear proportions can be linked directly to The White House and the President himself.

Last Resort: The Complete Series is an incredible, tense and exciting, fast-moving series that takes compulsion to the next level. A critically-acclaimed drama filled with action and suspense.

Last Resort: The Complete Series
also features: Omid Abtahi as Nigel; Michael Ng as Cameron Pitts; Jessica Camacho as Pilar Cortez; and Jay Karnes as Secretary of Defense William Curry.

Produced by MiddKid Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television Last Resort: The Complete Series was created by Karl Gajdusek (Oblivion) and Shawn Ryan (Television's The Shield). Original Music is by Robert Duncan; Cinematography is by Krishna Rao; Writing Credits Include: Karl Gajdusek, Shawn Ryan and David Wiener; Produced by Jean Higgins; and Series Director is Michael Offer.

* Sony Television's explosive military series Last Resort: The Complete Series is out on DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on 1 July 2013. Running Time: 8 hours 56 minutes Approximately | Broadcast Year: 2012-2013.


Disc One: 1 Captain | 2 Blue On Blue | 3 Eight Bells | 4 Voluntold | 5 Skeleton Crew.
Disc Two: 6 Another Fine Navy Day | 7 Nuke It Out | 8 Big Chicken Dinner | 9 Cinderella Liberty. Disc Three: 10 Blue Water | 11 Damn The Torpedoes | 12 The Pointy End Of The Spear | 13 Controlled Flight Into Terrain.

DVD Special Features (Includes 13 All-New Featurettes)

Making The Pilot | Profiles In Courage | Conn Artists | Anatomy of an Episode | Grace Under Fire | Ties That Bind | SubVirtual | The Buzzard's Nest | Turning Point | The Mole | Serrat's Lair | I, Kylie | Epilogue.

"An incredible, tense and exciting, fast-moving series that takes compulsion to the next level" Maggie Woods