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Laughter In Paradise
Laughter In Paradise “An elderly prankster dies, leaving four
  of his relatives a lump sum of £50,000,
  but there is a catch: before they can
  claim their inheritance, they each have
  to perform a task that is against their
  nature, which gives rise to humorous
  consequences — and the dear departed
  has not even finished with them yet
  in the hilarious 1951 comedy Laughter
  In Paradise

ELDERLY PRANKSTER HENRY AUGUSTUS RUSSELL (Hugh Griffith: Ben Hur) croaks his last in a quiet London square, leaving all his worldly goods to be shared among his four remaining relatives. But all is not as it seems.

A notorious practical joker, Henry has stipulated that none of his living relatives may inherit until they have each completed a task that is alien to their character. Designed to reflect their greatest shortcomings and test their ability to adapt, these tasks may well change their ways for the better…

Hugely funny
and entertaining 1951
Laughter In Paradise
is full of amusing
or romantic little side
stories as each
beneficiary attempts
to carry out their tasks
in order to inherit.
Another gem from the
Henry's sister Agnes Russell (Fay Compton: The Haunting) is a terrible snob who treats her nervous maid Ethel (Charlotte Mitchell) appallingly. Henry wants her to apply for a job as a housekeeper for a middle class household and she must keep it for no less than one month.

Henry's distant cousin, timid Bank clerk Herbert Russell (George Cole: The Happiest Days of Your Life) would not say boo to a goose, yet he has to hold up the bank where he works for unsympathetic bank manager Mr Wagstaff (Ronald Adam).

Henry's cousin Simon (Guy Middleton: The Captive Heart) is a penniless, womanising scoundrel who has to marry the first single woman he speaks to. Secretly he has a conversation with the cigarette girl (a very early appearance by Audrey Hepburn) at his club, but does not divulge this. However, he does later fall for Lucille Grayson (Beatrice Campbell) who may well be about to turn the tables on him.

Finally, law-abiding retired army officer Deniston Russell (Alastair Sim: The Green Man; School for Scoundrels), a prolific writer of "penny dreadfuls" must commit a genuine crime that will send him to prison for twenty-eight days. His task is further complicated by his forthcoming marriage to his fiancée Elizabeth Robson (Joyce Grenfell) whose father Sir Charles (A E Matthews) is far from impressed by her choice of man.

Furthermore, the four cannot tell anyone else what they have been asked to do or the Will becomes null and void.

Simple? Not in the least, as each attempts to carry out Henry's instructions in the hugely funny and entertaining 1951 comedy Laughter In Paradise that is full of amusing or romantic little side stories. Another gem from the Fifties!

A welcome addition to the Vintage Classics catalogue, Laughter In Paradise looks wonderful and benefits from brand new bonus content. If you are an Alastair Sim fan, don't miss this.

Laughter In Paradise also features stand-out performances by: Ernest Thesiger as Endicott; Mackenzie Ward as Winston Benson; Eleanor Somerfield as Deniston's Secretary Sheila Wilcott; John Laurie as Gordon Webb; Anthony Steel as Roger Godfrey; Veronica Hurst as Joan Webb; Michael Pertwee as Bank Clerk Stewart; and Mary Germaine as Bank Teller Susan Heath.

Music is by Stanley Black, Performed by the Associated British Studio Orchestra under the Direction of Louis Levy; Director of Photography is William McLeod; Original Story and Screenplay by Michael Pertwee (A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum) and Jack Davies (Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines); Produced and Directed by Mario Zampi (Mr Potts Goes to Moscow).

* The classic British comedy Laughter In Paradise is released by STUDIOCANAL as a brand new restoration on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital in the UK on 29 June 2020. Certificate: U | Running Time: 80 Minutes Approximately | Year: 1951.

DVD/Blu-ray Extras — New: Alastair Sim and Laughter In Paradise Interview with Stephen Fry | Ministry of Information short Nero: Save Fuel (1943) starring Alastair Sim & George Cole | Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery | Alastair Sim's Rectorial Address at Edinburgh University (1949) Audio Only | Easter Egg.

"Hugely funny and entertaining 1951 comedy Laughter In Paradise is full of amusing or romantic little side stories as each beneficiary attempts to carry out their tasks in order to inherit. Another gem from the Fifties!" **** Maggie Woods, MotorBar