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Living In Oblivion
Living In Oblivion Steve Buscemi is
  consistently remarkable.
  Whichever part he is
  playing — good guy, bad
he is totally

IN THIS MULTI-AWARD-WINNING CULT COMEDY CLASSIC from Tom DiCillo, Living In Oblivion, Buscemi (Interview) is his usual magnificent self as he plays Nick Reve, a luck-less low budget film director struggling against all odds to get his artistic vision on screen.

Giving you an insight into life both in front of and behind the cameras, Living In Oblivion offers subtle comedy and an all-star cast — including the radiant Catherine Keener as leading lady Nicole Springer and the wonderful Dermot Mulroney as the emotional Wolf — and reflects the difficulties of trying to produce
a film in difficult surroundings with little money and mostly unknown, inexperienced actors.

Cleverly shot in black and white, reserving colour for the actual film being made by Nick, Living In Oblivion is a fascinating dark comedy that sees Chad Palomino (caddishly played by James Legros) — the 'big name' leading man — arrive on set with a big mouth and an even bigger ego, determined to take over and to undermine his insecure leading lady with whom he'd had a one-night stand.

Nick has his work cut out as he gamely tries to cope with prima donnas and his inept crew — as well as dodgy equipment, unexpected noises, a dwarf with attitude in a dream sequence ("even I don't have dreams with dwarves in them") and a cinematographer who fails to capture a rare moment of brilliance because he's too busy throwing up.

Love rivalries, personality clashes, petulant staff and fluffed lines add to the mounting tension that threatens to push Nick over the edge
as he tries to get a grip. Along with the overwhelming problems, he is offered unexpected help from a dubious source.

Will Nick ever get his film finished? Will he keep crew and body and soul together? Or will he see his dreams dashed into the mire? This film may not be for everybody, but it works well in a simple way and the (real) cast acquit themselves beautifully. Also notable are: Danielle von Zerneck as Wanda; Rica Martens as Cora/Nick's Mother; Peter Dinklage as Tito and Laurel Thornby as Nicole's Mother. The music is also worthy of mention and adds life to the film.

The man behind Living In Oblivion, Writer-Director Tom DiCillo has a good pedigree — he was heralded as one of the most exciting members of the 1990s independent film scene. The films he has previously worked on as cinematographer include Jim Jarmush's Stranger Than Paradise and he made his directorial debut with the award-winning Johnny Suede, starring screen idol Brad Pitt (Fight Club), the film on which he based his experiences for Living In Oblivion.

Living In Oblivion finally made its DVD debut, courtesy of Second Sight, on 21 January (2008), complete with a host of great extras. Special Features: Director's commentary | deleted scenes | interview with Tom DiCillo and Steve Buscemi. RRP: 15.99.

"Superb Comedy" —

"Ingenious" — Time Out

**** — Empire