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Lords of London
Lords of London“A ruthless London gangster is shot
  at point-blank range in a night club;
  but when he comes round covered in
  blood he has somehow been transported
  to an abandoned villa in an out-of-time
  Italy, with no recollection of getting there,
  in the strange and mysterious film Lords
  of London

CALLOUS NOTORIOUS GANGSTER Tony Lord (Glen Murphy: London's Burning; The Ice Cream Wars) rules his patch of London with an iron bar, without thought for the people he hurts or terrorises.

In one short evening he is arrogantly talking over his misdeeds with two members of his gang when the past catches up with him. He has pushed somebody too far and that person is out to get even…

Tony wakes up, covered in blood, in an abandoned Italian farmhouse with no recollection of the events that brought him there. On the hill above him there is a village and, after washing his shirt, he makes his way slowly towards it.

“A deep and at times
harrowing film,
the mysterious
Lords of London
is stimulatingly
and strangely
In the village, that appears to be lost in time, nobody will talk to him until he meets the kindly Francesco (Giovanni Capalbo), who owns a trattoria and seems to know more than he will say. Even Francesco's lovely grand-daughter, Margherita (Serena Iansiti) does not even acknowledge Tony is there.

Margherita is kind, caring and loving; but she is seeing an English boy, Terry (Christopher Hatherall), who seems to make her happy and is obsessed with her. However, unknown to her, he is a hustler who drinks, gambles and is unfaithful and is also given to outbursts of uncontrollable rages.

Even the seemingly unprincipled and cold-hearted Tony begins to feel protective towards Margherita and can see how Francesco is right to be concerned that Terry is bad news for his grand-daughter, who plans to travel Europe with him.

Francesco alludes to reasons for Tony being in the village of Palombaro and tells him he will understand soon enough; but it gradually dawns on the gangster that there is something familiar about the scenes that are being played out before him. He reflects back on his life; to his childhood and his cruel and unbalanced father (Ray Winstone: Sexy Beast; Indiana Jones), a violent bully who terrified him and whose physical and verbal abuse was indirectly responsible for the death of Tony's gentle mother (Antonia Davies).

Tony is also haunted by his own violent life and as he begins to realise that fate has brought him here for a reason, Tony also begins to see the error of his own ways. But is it enough for him to find redemption and peace?

A deep and at times harrowing film, the mysterious Lords of London is stimulatingly thought-provoking and strangely compelling. Fresh and unusual in its approach, this tense crime thriller is filmed on location in Essex, England, and Palombaro, Chieti, Italy.

Lords of London also features: Glyn Grimstead as Kevin; Helen Latham as Danielle; Joe Egan as Charlie; Mark Adams as Fabrizio; Roberta Lena as Anna; and introducing a remarkable young man, Cassius Terence Murphy, who plays the five-year-old Tony. The film is dedicated to the memory of Darren Murphy, Musician and Brother, 1961-2012.

Original Score is by Milton Reame-James and Jeff Ellis; Director of Photography is James Friend; Produced by Steve Darts and Glen Murphy; Written and Directed by Antonio Simoncini.

* Lords Of London is released on DVD in the UK, courtesy of Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, on 6 January 2014. Running Time: 92 Minutes | Catalogue Number: KAL8309 | RRP: £15.99.

"A deep and at times harrowing film, the mysterious Lords of London is stimulatingly thought-provoking and strangely compelling"
Maggie Woods