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Lost At Christmas
Lost At Christmas “A young man, deeply hurt and
  disappointed when he is rejected by
  the woman he wanted to marry,
  finds himself stranded in a snowstorm
  in the wilds of Scotland with an equally
  distressed young woman who has
  just discovered the man she loved and
  had planned to spend Christmas with
  is married with a young son, in the
  touching and light-hearted seasonal
  film, Lost At Christmas...”

STUNNED AND UPSET TO BE REJECTED when he goes down on one knee to present an engagement ring to his long-term girlfriend on Christmas Eve, Rob (Kenny Boyle) finds himself alone and despondent at an isolated Scottish railway station waiting for the train to Glasgow that will never arrive due to the bad weather.

Jen (Natalie Clark: The Last Bus), a young woman with whom he had crossed paths a short while before, is still reeling from the discovery that Mark (Paul Kozinski), the man she believed loved her and wanted to marry her, was already married with a child (delightfully played by Noah McKechnie).

Lost At Christmas…
a light-hearted,
sentimental romance
that illustrates how
sharing troubles can
lead to an amazing
Although heartbroken, Jen still fervently believes in the magic of Christmas and tries to make the best of the situation. She arrives at the station in a state of fury and sees a distraught and angry Rob, who cannot understand what has happened to his relationship and refuses to be drawn into a conversation with Jen.

Desperate to get back to their homes one hundred miles away in Glasgow to be with their families, Jen and Rob at first clash with each other but then Jen hits on the idea of repaying Mark for his deception and getting her and Rob back to Glasgow by cleverly appropriating Mark's much-loved Marcos sports car.

However, on Glen Coe Jen and Rob find themselves trapped by the worsening weather where, angry and bickering, they are forced to abandon the car and walk to the nearest village. Across the snow-covered Glen Coe in a blizzard, they come across The Clachaig Inn where they discover they are not the only ones whose lives have been turned upside down and who are not in the Christmas spirit.

As there is only one room left at the inn, Jen and Rob are forced to share it and as they begin to mix with the other guests and the staff at the inn they begin to bond.

When Rob hears that Jen used to sing he tries to persuade her to join the resident band for the day but as she used to sing and play the guitar with Mark, she is not in the mood to do so.

As Christmas Day dawns it seems that the outlook will improve as something magical and very human begins to happen; but will it be enough to see Jen and Rob stay together or is their union simply for Christmas?

What begins as a story of two heartbroken young people ends with an outpouring of the grief that is bottled up by the unhappy locals who have come to spend Christmas on their own but find something special at the inn. Come in from the cold with a light-hearted, sentimental seasonal romance that illustrates how sharing troubles can lead to an amazing experience.

Lost At Christmas
also stars: Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who) as Ernie; Sanjeev Kohli (Still Game) as Sid; Clare Grogan (Gregory's Girl) as Anna. Also featuring: Frazer Hines as Frank; Caitlin Blackwood as Clara; Alasdair McCrone as Jim; Karen Bartke as Ellen; and Nicolette McKeown as Nicki.

Director of Photography is John Rhodes; Producer is David Norman; and Written by Ryan Hendrick and Clare Sheppard; and Directed by Ryan Hendrick.

* Lost At Christmas is at UK Cinemas from 4 December 2020 and available on Digital Download from 7 December 2020.

"Lost At Christmas… a light-hearted, sentimental romance that illustrates how sharing troubles can lead to an amazing experience"
*** Maggie Woods, MotorBar