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Love Crime
Love Crime“A top executive of the Paris branch
  of an international company pays
  the ultimate price when she foolishly
  underestimates a colleague whose
  ideas she has hijacked in the clever
  French film Love Crime with its well-
  spun twists and turns

RUTHLESSLY AMBITIOUS EXECUTIVE Christine Riviere (Kristen Scott Thomas: The English Patient; Sarah's Key) at international company Barney & Johnson takes great delight in patronising her colleagues and stealing their thunder — especially that of junior executive Isabelle Guérin (Ludivine Sangier: The Girl Cut In Two; The Devil's Double), who works closely with her and is often responsible for her success.

Christine has her sights set on the New York Office and wants to control everyone in her world. She is sometimes inappropriately familiar with Isabelle, kissing her, giving her a scarf she admires and making intimate remarks about her. When Isabelle comes up with a great idea for clinching a deal in Cairo, Christine takes the credit and Daniel (Guillaume Marquet), who has a friend in the Washington Head Office, tells Isabelle that it is high time she was recognised for her vital contribution.

Love Crime:
Christine's lover Philippe Deschamps (Patrick Mille) whose company does work for Barney & Johnson, accompanies Isabelle on her trip to Cairo where they begin a passionate affair. Isabelle is surprisingly vulnerable and desperately wants to feel loved. When Philippe rejects her and Christine accuses her of sending a threatening email and then humiliates her, she is determined to get her own back.

Daniel intercepts a project from America and offers it to Isabelle, by-passing Christine; but when Christine finds out that Isabelle has worked on it alone and presented it to the Americans, she holds the threatening email and the fear of being fired over her head as she tells Isabelle not to interfere with her promotion to New York.

The games that Christine has played with Isabelle, toying with her apparent innocence, is to backfire in a terrible way. Confident of her control over Isabelle, Christine leads her into a confusing, perverse game of seduction and domination.

Isabelle's own ambition and innate cunning lead to an all-out boardroom battle of wits with deadly and horrific repercussions that will have a far-reaching effect. With a number of twists and turns, Love Crime (Crime d'Amour) is murderously compulsive. But as Isabelle puts her deadly plan into place, will the truth come out or has she deviously worked out a clever way in which to beat the system?

Described as "a must for fans of modern film-noir suspense thrillers", Love Crime was officially selected for both the Toronto International and LA Film Festivals and boasts incredible performances from the female leads.

Love Crime also features: Gérald Laroche as Gérard; Julien Rochefort as L'avocat; Olivier Rabourdin as The Judge; Marie Guillard as Claudine (Isabelle's sister); Stéphane Roquet as Fabien; Stéphane Brel as le voisin d'Isabelle; Mike Powers as Boss 1; and Matthew Gonder as Boss 2.

Original Music is by Pharoah Sanders; Cinematography by Yves Angelo; Writers (Scenario, Adaptation and Dialogue) are: Alain Corneau and Natalie Carter; Produced by Saïd Ben Saïd; and Directed by Alain Corneau.

* Love Crime is a dark and masterful blend of psychological drama and intrigue based on a screenplay by Corneau and Natalie Carter and comes to DVD courtesy of Arrow Films on 22 April 2013. Running Time: 106 Minutes | Catalogue Number DVD: FCD767; Blu-ray: FCD768 | RRP DVD: £17.99; Blu-ray: £19.99 | French with subtitles.

"Love Crime… Murderously compulsive" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Smart, vicious and oh so tasty" The Huffington Post

"Compelling" Empire