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The Lovers’ Guide Interactive
The Lovers' Guide Interactive “Sexy, savvy and
  educational, The Lovers

  Guide Interactive

  provides advice and
  information on everything
  you could ever want
  to know on the subject
  of sex

RESEARCH SHOWS A LOVING PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP can be very healthy for you and can make you live longer. But how do you find that balance between enjoyment and respect? Romancing your partner is a great way to show how much you care for each other, but it doesn't always follow that the physical side will be successful.

One of the biggest problems in today's busy lives is making the time
to relax and communicate with each other. Sexual frequency can, of course, change over the course of a relationship but if you care for one other, you can often work around that.

The Lovers' Guide Interactive is the ultimate guide to a happy and successful love-life. It looks at how lovers perceive their relationships and encourages loving partners to express themselves, suggesting ways to be intimate so that you can enhance your lives together. The advice is to take time over the physical side of your life, get in touch with your sensual self and make sure you let your partner know what you enjoy. It is a self-help journey that shows you how to make great love.

Officially endorsed by Relate, The Lovers' Guide Interactive gives users a lover's perspective and a deeper understanding of sex from a part-ner's point of view. The interactive approach guides viewers to individ-ually-tailored advice, which works alongside wider-ranging information for a more complete picture.

In order to feel loved, we need to love ourselves. The Lovers' Guide Interactive suggests that you learn how to be comfortable with your partner, to read your lover's body language; and shows you how you can get to know each other's bodies and how to keep sexual interest alive in a long-term relationship. While exploring and learning together, you are also encouraged to take responsibility for your relationships and the practice of safe sex.

This two-disc DVD from one of the most talked about brands ever presents all the ingredients to a happy and successful love life, as experienced differently by men and women and with expert and relevant voice-over commentary.

Users of The Lovers' Guide Interactive will also benefit from a second disc containing an encyclopaedic video-book of footage, stills and text allowing the viewer to look up almost everything they could wish to understand about sex. It also features an A-Z of Sex and a relationship test. This really is everything you ever wanted to know about sex, so now you don't need to ask!

Narrated by Paula Hall — also written by her — and Martin Murray in association with Relate, The Lovers' Guide Interactive is Directed by Robert Page and is available now on DVD (2 Discs) from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment at a RRP of 19.99. Released 28 January 2008. Certificate 18. Contains explicit material.

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