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Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke“Hugely funny and entertaining and with
  nods to the great westerns — including
The Magnificent Seven, High Noon, The
, and Wyatt Earp
the French
  comedy Lucky Luke gallops onto DVD
  with guns blazing and not a John Wayne
  in sight!

BASED ON THE BEST-SELLING FRENCH GRAPHIC NOVELS created by Morris (Maurice De Bevere) and contributed to by Goscinny, the French co-creator of Asterix, Lucky Luke begins in 1846 near Daisy Town, Utah, with the young John Luke (played as a boy by Matthew Sandor) witnessing the slaughter of his parents (played by Carolina Presno and Gabriel Corrado) by the notorious Cheater Gang.

Helped by his father's friend Governor Maurice Austin Cooper, known as Coop (Jean-François Balmer) and who thinks faster than his own shadow, John Luke grows up to become the gunslinger known as Lucky Luke (Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin: The Artist); so-called because he managed to escape from the hail of bullets from the notorious outlaws known as The Cheater Gang.

“Lucky Luke… a clever,
hilarious and
well-paced movie
Famed for his ability to out-shoot his own shadow, Lucky Luke is given the task of restoring law and order to Daisy Town by the President (André Oumansky), who is facing an election and is keen to see the town cleaned up before the transcontinental railway from New York and San Francisco meets there. Returning home with his faithful four-footed-friend Jolly Jumper, Luke is given forty-eight hours to deal with the bad guys.

Infested with desperados and Indians, Daisy Town is a magnet for outlaws and chancers who have wandered into the territory. Fearless Luke takes on them all and comes face-to-face and gun-to-gun with Billy The Kid (Michaël Youn) who does a nifty version of holster Russian Roulette, Jesse James (Melvin Poupaud) and Pat Poker (Daniel Prévost), who sees Daisy Town as his own.

Fortunately for Lucky Luke, a very helpful Calamity Jane (Sylvie Testud) is on hand to help; but Calamity — who does a good line in multi-bullets — has a love rival for Luke's affections, saloon singer Belle (Alexandra Lamy), who seems to spell Trouble with a capital T.

Things are not so easy for Lucky Luke. He is to find that not everyone is what they appear to be and betrayal is never far away. Lucky Luke can draw, sing and even talk a little horse — but he can't kill!

Despite that, he has already put half the county in jail and they are out to get him. Sixteen sheriffs are already in the cemetery so he will have to be strong and make a stand for the good of the town before he meets his destiny.

This fun spoof is based on the classic comics by Morris and Goscinny and is a bright modern comic take on the western adventure. With surreal skylines and open prairies, the film is very visual and there is an amazing one-armed bandit in the middle of the desert that hides the dangers within for Lucky Luke.

Will Lucky Luke face-down the outlaws and get the girl? Or will he back down? A terrific comedy western.

Lucky Luke also features: Pompeyo Audivert as ghoulish undertaker Croque Mort; and Claudio Weppler as Phil Defer. The credits include the statement: John Wayne Pas Dans Le Film (John Wayne is not in the film). The only thing missing from a clever, hilarious and well-paced movie!

Original music by Bruno Coulais; Cinematography by Stéphane Le Parc; Writers are Sonja Shillito, James Hugh and Jean Dujardin; Produced by Said Ben Said and Yves Marmion and Directed by James Huth. Includes the songs: Love Me by Elvis Presley; I Shot The Sheriff by Bob Marley; and High Noon.

Shooting faster than his own shadow, Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin stars as gun-slinging cowboy Lucky Luke in this new comedy western based on the best-selling French Graphic Novels and will be released on 28 May 2012. RRP: £12.99 | Language: French With English Subtitles.

"Lucky Luke… a clever, hilarious and well-paced movie" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar