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Mammon: The Complete Season One
Mammon: The Complete Season One   “Uncovering a serious financial fraud
  that links to the Norwegian government,
  a well-respected and uncompromising
  investigative journalist finds the crime
  too close to home for comfort when
  it leads to a personal tragedy; but while
  trying to expose the truth he is plunged
  into a strange and confusing mystery
  in the Nordic noir political thriller
  Mammon: The Complete Season One

DANGER STALKS TOP INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST Peter Versås (Jon Øigarden) when information he is given from an anonymous source, via the mysterious Sophia in Hungary, points to serious financial corruption within the Norwegian government that ultimately leads to a family tragedy.

Beginning with hints at Peter's difficult childhood and friction with his brother Daniel (Anders T Andersen) and father Tore (Terge Strømdahl), Mammon sees Peter plunged into a perilous investigation that has drastic repercussions on his whole life and that includes a mutual attraction with Vibeke Haglund (Lena Kristin Ellingsen), who works for the Financial Crime Unit which is investigating the fraud.

Darkly mysterious,
and delivering relentless
tension, Mammon is
a must-see,
thriller from the land of
the Vikings.
Scandinavian fare
at its best...”
Tragedy follows when Peter discovers Daniel, the Finance Director of large multinational company Hydro, is mixed up in the scandal an allegation that he fiercely denies; and although Peter is investigating the fraud for his newspaper, Aftenavisen, his colleague Inger Marie (Anna Bache-Wiig) is to be given the credit by Editor Frank Mathiesen (Nils Ole Oftebro).

Initially no crime appears to have been committed as no money seems to be missing, but Sophia insists she has given Peter proof; and very soon it becomes apparent that all is not as it should be.

Vibeke is followed as she jogs through the woods but doesn't seem to get any support from her team when she reports it. Then Daniel asks an alarmed Peter to take care of his wife Eva (Ingjerd Egeberg), who was involved with Peter before she met Daniel, and his son Andreas (Alexander Tunby Rosseland) in the event of anything happening to him.

The first of what later seems to be a series of suicides sparks off a dangerous investigation with Peter determined to discover how his brother was mixed up in the fraud and the full extent of the crime. Then a break-in and threats to Daniel's family force Peter to take action, although Daniel's son Andreas proves difficult as he shows resentment towards his uncle.

By now, a frustrated Peter has been moved to cover sports for the newspaper and has been told to keep his mouth shut and stay low. And then another fraud suspect emerges.

Åge Haugen (Hallvard Holmen), whose name has been linked with self-made billionaire Tom Lied (Dennis Storhøi) is suspected of embezzling. Peter is left with a number of puzzling clues, involving himself in the intrigue despite the dangers.

Five years on, Peter receives information held by his brother from lawyer Runa Torgersen (Liv Bernhoft Osa) that he cautiously follows up. How does a video of a small boy in a fire and a painting of Abraham and his two sons, one of whom Abraham believes God wants him to sacrifice, link with the investigation? While checking a lead, Peter and Eva witness a man's suicide. Before he dies, the man shouts the name "Abraham". But they are being watched…

Following the incredible success of Danish dramas Borgen (recently nominated for its second television BAFTA) and The Killing, the Danish/Swedish co-production The Bridge and French title Braquo, Nordic Noir announces the arrival of its very first Norwegian television acquisition, Mammon. A well constructed story drawing comparisons to the American political thriller All The President's Men, the series recently aired on Channel 4's sister channel More4.

Darkly mysterious, über-compulsive and delivering relentless tension, Mammon is a must-see thriller from the land of the Vikings. Scandinavian fare at its best!

Mammon also features: Robert Skjærstad as Jenson; Hilde Hannah Buvik as Elisabeth; Andreas Cappelen as Sports Journalist Bakke; Andrea Bræin Hovig as Yvonne Haugen; and Huy Le Vo as Trainee.

Music is by Martin Horntveth; Cinematography by Jon Anton Brekne; Series Produced by Vegard Eriksen Stenberg; Series Director is Cecilie A Mosli.

* The UK's first Norwegian drama, Mammon: The Complete Season One, is released in the UK as part of Arrow Films' Nordic Noir label on DVD Boxset and Digital Download on 5 May 2014. Running Time: 6 x 58 Minutes | DVD Catalogue Number: FCD934 | Language: Norwegian with English Subtitles (but very well done and easy to follow).

"Darkly mysterious, über-compulsive and delivering relentless tension, Mammon is a must-see, can't-stop-watching thriller from the land of the Vikings. Scandinavian fare at its best" Maggie Woods