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MaraudersArmed bank robbers with full head
  masks are raiding branches of the
  Hubert National Bank, forcing the bank
  managers to open up their security
  boxes by threatening their families;
  but when one of the managers is killed
  and the FBI combines forces with local
  Police to track down the criminals,
  they discover they are motivated by
  more than greed in the high-octane
  thriller Marauders...”

DURING AN ARMED ROBBERY on Hubert National Bank, manager Stephen Hutchenson (Chick Bernard) is shot dead, despite appearing to co-operate with the masked raiders, although — in spite of their threats — the raiders seemed reluctant to shoot anyone else but get away with $3,000,000.

The FBI join forces with the local police force with Senior Agent "Monty" Montgomery (Christopher Meloni) and Special Agent Wells (Adrian Grenier), a decorated Special Forces operative, heading up the investigation and co-operating with Police Detective Mims (Jonathon Schaech).

is a fast-paced,
finely-tuned and
crime thriller that
never pauses to draw
breath through its
many twists
and turns...”
The robbery has been carried out with military precision and the only clue is a fingerprint that appears to be that of a dead man, T J Jackson (Texas Battle), the brother of petty criminal and sometime drug-dealer James Jackson (Chris Hill), who is known to the Police. Apart from that, it was the perfect heist.

T J was with an Army Ranger unit that was identified as having turned rogue while on a covert mission in Iraq and was consequently wiped out by Special Forces. The rogue unit was thought to have kidnapped and held to ransom Alexander Hubert, the younger brother of bank owner Jeffrey Hubert (Bruce Willis). Alexander was killed during the shoot-out.

Hubert National Bank has a number of high-profile customers and Jeffrey is known to regularly visit one of his branches after closing time. When the second bank is targeted, the manager is spared; but the robbers seemed only to be interested in a safety deposit box. The $3,000,000 stolen in the first robbery has since been given to a charity, and another man has been murdered by the gang.

Agent Wells begins working closely with the Cincinnati Police Department and at Hutchenson's funeral one of the mourners is Senator Cook (Dr David Gordon), who has a secret he is trying to keep from the public. Hubert is also attending and he and Cook seem to be good friends.

Montgomery has a tragic past and Mims is looking after his dying wife, but both men are determined to discover the truth about the robberies and the two men who died, who may not have been all that they seem. Wading through a complicated maze of deception and corruption, links seem to point back to Hubert, prominent politicians and high-ranking officers in the US military.

While carrying out the investigation, Montgomery uncovers various clues that lead him to believe that the robbers knew the men they had killed, and that stealing money could just be a cover. The answer might be closer to home in Marauders, a fast-paced, finely-tuned and suspenseful crime thriller that never pauses to draw breath through its many twists and turns.

Marauders also features: Dave Bautista as Stockwell; Lydia Hull as Agent Chase; Tyler Jon Olson as Derohan; Christopher Rob Bowen as Teegan; Ryan O'nan as Chris Hall; Tara Holt as Vanessa Adler; Richie Chance as Dagley; and Carolyn A'Lise as Martha Wallace.

Music by Ryan Dodson; Director of Photography is Brandon Cox; Written by Michael Cody and Chris Sivertson; Produced by Randall Emmet, pga, George Furla, pga, Joshua Harris and Rosie Charbonneau; Directed by Steven C Miller.

* Marauders is released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK, as well as on Digital HD, on 20 February 2017. Certificate 15 | Run Time: 98 mins approximately.

"Marauders is a fast-paced, finely-tuned and suspenseful crime thriller with an all-star cast that never pauses to draw breath through its many twists and turns" Maggie Woods, MotorBar *****