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Mayday“A fourteen-year-old girl who is due to
  be crowned May Queen mysteriously
  disappears on her way to the Mayday
  celebrations in a sleepy village where
  some of the residents have more than
  one secret to hide in the BBC television
  drama series Mayday

STRANGE SUPERNATURAL HAPPENINGS give an extra dimension to the thriller Mayday, in which a young teenaged May Queen who was passionate about pagan traditions and saving the Earth fails to turn up for her crowning at the village celebrations.

Has fourteen-year-old Hattie Sutton (Leila Mimmack) been abducted or has she run away with someone she met on the Internet? Is there some other explanation to her disappearance?

As the Police begin their search for Hattie after her abandoned pink bicycle is discovered close to the woods the focus of the drama here is on the villagers, rather than on Police investigations a number of would-be suspects become alarmed.

“Mayday is a fascinating
and dramatic thriller
with sinister and
supernatural elements
that make it compulsive
Hattie's twin sister Caitlin (also played by Leila Mimmack) could be jealous of the favouritism their parents Jo (Caroline Berry) and Richard Sutton (Richard Hawley) had shown towards Hattie.

Their uncle by marriage, Steve Docker (Sam Spruell: Spooks) has a brother Seth (Tom Fisher: Midsomer Murders), who has learning difficulties. Seth is a visionary outcast who loves to spend much of his time in the woods and who has Hattie's Mayday crown of flowers in his possession.

Next-door neighbour to the Suttons, Everett Newcombe (Aiden Gillen) has developed a liking for young blonde women since his wife died tragically, leaving him to bring up their son Linus (Max Fowler), who is attracted to Caitlin and who sees the ghost of his mother every time he is about to do something remotely wrong. What has his father hidden in the case in the padlocked cupboard under the stairs?

PC Alan Hill (Peter McDonald) is facing a Police investigation after being accused of using excessive force on a young woman suspect and his ex-policewoman wife Fiona (Sophie Okonedo: Criminal Justice), who is keen to been involved in the search for Hattie, is suspicious of a strange object she finds in their loft.

Facing a difficult marriage, Malcolm Spicer (Peter Firth: Spooks) avoids his wife Gail (Lesley Manville: Emmerdale) by immersing himself in his hobby of bird-spotting and badger-watching from his hide in the woods or spending time in his study, where he has a mock-up of a housing development he had designed for the village. His planning application was refused as it would encroach on a Green Belt area and Hattie was one of the objectors and was also instrumental in seeing Malcolm's dreams turn to dust.

Evidence of pagan rituals is found in the woods, which may have a bearing on the case. As the search goes on, Caitlin hears ghostly whisperings and begins to believe that her sister is trying to contact her. But when the Police are shown CCTV footage of Hattie boarding a train at the station, it looks as though the hunt for the missing girl has taken a different turn. But has it?

Mayday is a fascinating and dramatic thriller with sinister and supernatural elements that make it compulsive viewing. A television drama worthy of note with a creditable cast that helps put together an enticing plot where you are never quite certain where the truth lies.

Mayday also features the young and talented Hannah Jean Baptiste as Charlotte Hill. Composer is Stuart Earl; Director of Photography is Dirk Nel; Created and Written by Ben Court and Caroline Ip (the exceptional crime-writing team responsible for The Hole and Whitechapel); Produced by Chris Fry; and Directed by Brian Walsh.

* The sophisticated five-part thriller Mayday is a gripping drama originally aired on BBC One and will be released on DVD, courtesy of Acorn Media, on 8 April 2013. Catalogue Number AV3090 | Running Time: 300 Minutes Approximately | RRP: 19.99.

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"Mayday is a fascinating and dramatic thriller with sinister and supernatural elements that make it compulsive viewing" Maggie Woods, MotorBar