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Meet Dave

Meet DaveWhat you see is not always what you
  are really getting — and when you
  Meet Dave, you
re in for a few little
  surprises as this humanoid alien hides
  an astonishing secret...”

YOUNG JOSH MORRISON IS STARTLED WHEN AN UNIDENTIFIED OBJECT — missed completely by the Department of Defense Northeast Airspace Security! — hurtles from space through his window and into his goldfish bowl, absorbing all the water. Intrigued, Josh (Austyn Lino Myers) keeps the object.

Three months later something ploughs into the ground near the Statue of Liberty, leaving an unmistakable imprint of a face. This is where we Meet Dave — an extra-terrestrial with a difference.

The humanoid called Dave Ming Cheng (king of comedy Eddie Murphy: Shrek, The Nutty Professor) makes a futile attempt to blend in — but seems to have some difficult behaving, well, human. And the fact that he is clumsy, doesn't understand Earth humour and is dressed in a 70s disco white suit doesn't help, either!

On a mission to save his home planet and to find the object that fell to Earth, Dave's luck is about to change. By sheer chance as he crosses the road he is knocked down by a car driven by none other than Josh's mother Gina (Elizabeth Banks: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Spiderman).

Dave is not badly hurt because his 'perfect disguise' hides a secret — Dave is actually an alien spaceship built in the image of the captain who pilots the craft and manages his crew of tiny, human-looking aliens, each of whom has a particular responsibility for part of the ship.

And when Gina takes the person she thinks of as 'Dave' home and introduces him to Josh, the captain is having such a good time with them that he jeopardises his mission — to the chagrin of the crew. And things are further complicated because the object Dave is looking for is now in the hands of a bully who stole if from Josh and Dave is getting far too close for comfort to Gina and her son.

Getting the object back and leaving Earth before his ship runs out of power should be the captain's priority, but he finds himself dealing with a mutiny and falls foul of a determined man-hunt to find him. Only Josh can help him now.

Meet Dave is exceptionally funny and exploits all the available gags from every situation as the captain tries to learn how to be human and, literally, keeps missing the point! Throw in that two tiny aliens 'lost overboard' suddenly find themselves dodging rush-hour New York traffic and somebody who wants to be more than a friend to Gina, Mark Rhodes (Marc Blucas), believes that Gina and Dave are an item and you have this marvellously-comic sci-fi movie that will amuse and delight everyone.

Meet Dave also features Gabrielle Union (Running With Scissors, Bring It On) as No 3 Cultural Officer; Scott Caan as Officer Dooley; Ed Helms (The Office, Evan Almighty) as No 2 Second-In-Command; Kevin Hart as No 17; Pat Kilbane as No 4 Security Officer; Judah Friedlander as Engineer; and Mike O'Malley as Kool. Director of Photography is Clark Mathis; Written by Rob Greenberg and Bill Corbett; Directed by Brian Robbins (The Shaggy Dog, Norbit).

Described as "a hilarious family comedy certain to keep everyone laughing through to Christmas", this side-splitting epic adventure lands on DVD on 1 December (2008), courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Certificate: PG | RRP: 15.99.


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"Meet Dave is exceptionally funny and exploits all the available gags from every situation" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar