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The Merry Gentleman

The Merry GentlemanThe Merry Gentleman is an exciting,
  well-paced thriller that leads you
  beautifully into the psyche of the two
  lead characters
a young woman
  running away from a violent marriage
  and the disillusioned hit-man who
  befriends her...”

HOLLYWOOD STAR MICHAEL KEATON makes a very impressive directorial debut with a remarkable movie, the irresistible dark thriller The Merry Gentleman set against the stark streets of Chicago where a hit-man, Frank Logan (the terrific Director/actor Michael Keaton) prowls in search of his next victim.

This unusual treatment works beautifully. Kate Frazier (award-winning actress Kelly Macdonald in arguably her finest role yet: Trainspotting; No Country For Old Men) is a young woman seeking peace and anonymity with a new life in the city, having escaped from a violent marriage. Although she gets her fair share of attention from potential boyfriends, she shuns them and fiercely guards her privacy.

One evening she witnesses what she believes is a man attempting to commit suicide by throwing himself off a building but she cannot give an accurate description of him. And when two policemen arrive to interview her the younger detective, Dave Marcheson (Tom Bastounes) invites her out for a meal. However, he is pushy and antagonises her so she walks out on him in the restaurant with a show of strength she should also have used against her abusive husband Michael (Bobby Cannavale).

A chance meeting with Frank changes the shy and reserved Kate's life irrevocably. And Kate has an effect on Frank, the two finding an unexpected satisfaction in their mutual, shared silences. Haunted by the troubling choices he has made, Frank finds a kindred spirit in the younger Kate.

The Merry Gentlemen
is poignant and touching and it appears that there is an opportunity for redemption and a chance for Frank and Kate to rebuild their lives. The Christmas and New Year break passes against an urban landscape that seems both breathtakingly beautiful and starkly barren; with Kate and Frank's innocent friendship comes help and support for the two lost spirits.

But soon the past will catch up with them both as they face the painful truth of the lives they wanted to put behind them. Frank is forced to look at himself in the harsh light of day and as Kate struggles to find the strength to take charge of her life, events take an unexpected turn.

The Merry Gentleman
is a riveting movie with a superb and heady mix of suspense and quiet humour; a gripping, uniquely entertaining tale of forgiveness and redemption that blends a hopeful spirit with a surprisingly dark heart.

A little different from the usual brand of thriller, The Merry Gentleman benefits from this unusual treatment; a darkly tantalising and well-paced thriller that develops compellingly in the capable hands of magnificent lead actors Michael Keaton and Kelly MacDonald.

The Merry Gentleman also features: Darlene Hunt as Diana; Guy Van Swearingen as Detective Billy Goldman. Executive Producer is Paul J Duggan; Associate Producer is Dennis Nardoni; Director of Photography is Chris Seager, BSC; Music is by Edward Shearmur; Co-Producer is Christina Varotsis; Produced by Steven A Jones and Ron Lazzeretti, Paul J Duggan and Tom Bastounes; Written by Ron Lazzeretti; and Directed by Michael Keaton. The atmospheric music is performed by The Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.

Michael Keaton directs as well as starring alongside Kelly Macdonald in an outstanding thriller that was part of the Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival 2008. The Merry Gentleman is released on DVD courtesy of Indi VISION on 5 April (2010). RRP: 14.99 | Running Time: 96 Minutes. Special Features: Making Of Featurette | Theatrical Trailer.

"The Merry Gentleman a darkly tantalising and well-paced thriller that develops compellingly" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Gripping thriller" — Daily Star

"Baleful comic notes and superb acting" — Financial Times

"Kelly MacDonald is divine in her best role yet ****" —

"If the devil himself went up to Heaven and said to God, I'm tired and I'm sorry and I don't want to be the devil anymore, what would God do?" — Kate Frazier from The Merry Gentleman