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MetamorphosisDecidedly tongue-in-cheek and with
  a different slant on the story of the
  Blood Countess in the ’71 horror film
  Countess Dracula, Metamorphosis
brings something new to the long list
  of vampire stories

EARLY IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY, Hungary was engaged in a bloody war with Turkey. The small village of Csejthe in the Carpathian Mountains hid an even greater terror given credence when the corpses of young women, their bodies drained of blood, were discovered and linked to a local noblewoman, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who was accused of drinking and bathing in the blood of virgins.

Fascinated by the Seventeenth Century, Keith (Corey Sevier), a writer researching a book about the legend of the Blood Countess, comes to the remote castle behind the gruesome tale with friends Kim (Jennifer Higham) and JJ (Charlie Hollway). But while taking a short cut through a graveyard they encounter the beautiful and mysterious Elizabeth (Irena A Hoffman), who is well versed with the legend and is willing to show them to the monastery where they are to spend the night.

Driving in their BMW convertible, you might think that the dark and spooky countryside would be enough to make even three carefree American teenagers wary — haven't they seen The Scream? But no: the cocky JJ behaves insensitively and Kim is so in awe of their surroundings that neither really stops to think what might be happening. Keith, who seems to be sympathetic towards the Countess, is too focused on the legend see anything else.

At the monastery, the friends learn from Father Brakos (János Kulka) that it is no longer possible to visit the castle as Brother Alexis (András Kern) was accompanying a group of tourists and they were all killed by wolves at a cottage at the foot of the mountains. The monks believe that after death everyone spends time in purgatory until it is decided where you should go. However, if you are destroyed in purgatory then your soul is destroyed forever.

Keith and Elizabeth become closer, and the following day, undeterred by the monks' stories, they set out to visit the castle. On their way their hire car is involved in an accident and they proceed on foot to the cottage, where they meet Igor (Zolee 'Doglegy' Ganxsta) and his German girlfriend Sabine (Florentine Lahme), Sister Catherine (Anja Kruse) and another monk.

Under attack from a pack of wolves, the three Americans are saved by something unseen. What is it that has so frightened the wolves? Blithely ignoring all the clues, they press on to the castle. Elizabeth and Keith have fallen in love — but who is she and where did she come from?

At the castle, the friends encounter an unstoppable supernatural force in the shape of the sinister Constantine Thurzo (cult favourite Christopher Lambert: Highlander; Subway). Facing the horrifying consequences that have travelled down over the centuries to the present day, the nature of the vile and terrible enemy they are fighting becomes blindingly obvious.

Is Elizabeth really a slave to the forces of evil? Keith will soon discover the truth with some amusing one-liners and a tale of romance woven around this not-too-bloody legend.

In mortal danger, the castle's occupants must stick together to outwit Thurzo as he begins his terrible carnage. The fantastic Christopher Lambert, a castle that would scare the s**t out of Dracula and a mysterious beauty combine to make Metamorphosis into an intriguing and fascinating film.

This intriguing thriller from award-winning Hungarian director Jenö Hodi is a British, Germany and Hungarian co-production and covers two genres — horror mixed with the paranormal, and romance. Metamorphosis offers something to whet anyone's appetite… even a vampire's!

Metamorphosis also features: Gábor Koncz as Count Thurzo; Gyözö Szábo as The Priest; Vilmos Kolba as The Monastery Monk; and Adél Kováts as Elizabeth Bathory.

Original Music is by Gabor Presser; Cinematography by Géza Sinkovics and Martin Szecsanov; Screenplay by Jeno Hodi, Tibor Fonyódi, and Allan Katz; Produced by Leander Carell, Jenö Hábermann, Patrick Knippel, Steffen Reuter, and Adrian Politowski; and Directed by Jenö Hodi.

Network Releasing questions what lurks on the other side of mortality, in preparation for the DVD release of vampire horror film Metamorphosis, which is available to buy on 3 October 2011. Certificate: 15 | RRP: DVD Ł12.99.

"Metamorphosis… an intriguing and fascinating film: a four-stake rating!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar