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Microcosmos How’s this for a film
s got everything?
s sex, violence,
  genocide and wholesale
  destruction — all up-close
  and personal. And it
  completely natural. It
s not
  digitally enhanced, nor
  are its stars egotistical or
  demanding of megabucks.
  This is the real thing

  a world beneath our feet:
  spiders, beetles, ants,
  snails, caterpillars and

DRAMATICALLY FILMED, the introduction of the amazing and beautiful creatures that inhabit the French meadow that serves as the setting for Microcosmos is a revelation of delight. Each creature is individual and spellbinding; from the grey-brown moth that flicks its wings tantalisingly to show just a hint of the colour that lies beneath to an elegant dragonfly and a stick insect, barely discernible at rest upon a twig.

Microcosmos is a truly amazing and awe-inspiring film that was released in its special edition form on DVD from Second Sight on 10 March (2008). Some fifteen years in the making from its original inception — including three years of actual filming — this multi-award winning film presents insect life in all its glory, focusing on numerous different creatures going about their daily business. From birth to death; from conflict to harmony — Microcosmos is an 'otherworldly'
film introducing a universe as alien as the best of science fiction.

Fascinating, colourful insects of all shapes and sizes preen and clean themselves and hit on prospective mates; iridescent green grass-hoppers and vibrant moths, displaying their lacy wings, dance to the heartbeat of the earth. Bees buzz among the crimson poppies and bright red ladybirds set about their precarious attempts at procreation.

Microcosmos: Snails making loveThis critically-acclaimed feature follows a typical day in the world of insects and won five Cesars — the prestigious French equivalent of an Oscar. Among the many sights and sounds, Microcosmos famously features two snails making love, a colony of ants suffering an air raid from a grouse and the memorable sight of an heroic and very determined beetle pushing a ball of dung up a hill.

The narration, by Kristin Scott-Thomas, is minimal as directors Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou allow the spectacular images to work their magic. The original music is by Bruno Coulais. As well as spending three years filming Microcosmos, the production took a further two years in developing the camera technology needed to capture the cornucopia of creepy crawlies in all the aspects of their lives. Stunningly remastered for this special edition DVD, the incredible Microcosmos looks better than ever.

Microcosmos: Moth

Have you ever seen a caterpillar 'road train'? Or moths that seem to be wearing a headdress stolen from Aztec dancers? Enchanting images of insect life are interwoven with shots of the stars in a night sky and dawn over a misty valley. Microcosmos invites you to share in the trials and tribulations of an astonishing cast — "beyond anything we could image and yet almost beneath our notice".

Microcosmos (Le Peuple de l'herbe) was released on 10 March (2008) from Second Sight at an RRP of £15.99.

Special Features include: The World of Microcosmos | The Making of Microcosmos | The Story of 5 Cesars.

"Remarkable" — Empire

"Stunning" — The Guardian

"Absolutely astonishing" — The Independent

"Otherworldly" — MotorBar