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Midsomer Murders — The Complete Series Eighteen
Midsomer Murders - The Complete Series Eighteen   “A police drama set in an idyllic and
  picturesque county with a canny
  Detective Chief Inspector at the helm
  ready to solve the unusually high
  number of killings, the delightfully
  challenging successful Midsomer
is still going strong as Britain’s
  most popular television crime drama
  that now sees the eighteenth series
  released on home entertainment..

A COMPELLING AND ENIGMATIC whodunit, Midsomer Murders cleverly and seamlessly introduced Neil Dudgeon (Life Of Riley) as Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby in the lead role formerly occupied by John Nettles as his brother, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby.

The eighteenth series sees John and DS Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee: Restless) embroiled in solving the many murders that occur in the deceptively-peaceful Midsomer villages and, with some of the strongest ratings ever, the series continues to attract top viewing figures for ITV. Fiona Dolman is John's long-suffering wife Sarah and not to forget the scene-stealing dog Sykes.

Midsomer Murders
hits the right spot
as a light-hearted,
carefully constructed
that is
highly addictive...”
Uniquely, the eighteenth series features an episode in which it appears that nobody is killed, leading to a flurry of Twittering. Midsomer Murders without murder? Surely not.

In the first episode, Habeas Corpus, wealthy landowner Gregory Lancaster dies naturally in his bed, but his body disappears and newcomer Dr Kam Karimore (Manjinder Virk), Coulston CID's forensic pathologist, proves that she is not just a pretty face as she helps Barnaby and Nelson unravel the secrets and lies that surround the mystery that draws them into the gruesome world of body snatching.

This first episode includes guest stars Helen Baxendale as Rose Lancaster; Diana Quick (The Missing) as Hermione Lancaster; Emma Cunniffe as Rev Melissa Ackers; Navin Chowdhry as Sonny Desai; and Alastair MacKenzie as Felix Lancaster.

The Incident At Cooper Hill involves an area reputed to be the haunt of UFOs and where unexplained lights appear in the sky. A forest ranger is found dead close by and other strange incidents occur. UFO enthusiasts flock to the area, convinced aliens are visiting our planet. But Barnaby and Nelson believe there is a more earthly explanation and sift through the evidence to solve the mystery.

The Incident at Cooper Hill includes guest stars: Michelle Collins as Nadine Campbell; Alison Steadman (Gavin & Stacey) as ostentatious UFO tour guide Abigail Tonev; Steve Evets as Carter Faulkner; Steve Oram as Nathan Tonev; and Pip Torens as Group Captain Jeremy Ford.

Death by bicycle? Breaking The Chain takes rivalry one step too far as an international cycling competition held in the Midsomer village of Burwood Mantle is disrupted by the killing of the race leader amid ruthless ambition, jealousies and resentment that threaten the future of the race. Guest stars are: Joe McGann as Jez Oliver; Edward Akrout as Daniel Lamerat; Richard Graham as Gerry Bleacher; Hari Dhillon as Reece Dexter; Jack Staddon as Greg Eddon; and Tom York as Mitch McCordell

The opening of a new sculpture park in the grounds of a mansion is the setting for a series of deaths in A Dying Art. While the widow of the man who conceived the park believes she knows what her late husband would have wanted, there are others outside the family who seem to know better and a sketchbook points the way for Barnaby to reveal the murderer. This episode features: David Bamber as Daniel Fargo; and Cherie Lunghi (The Manageress) as Alexandra Monkford.

Episode 5, Saints and Sinners, is laden with false trails and ambiguous clues. When a female Saint's remains are uncovered during an archaeological dig and brought to a sacred resting place, not everyone shares the excitement of the archaeologists. But one of their number is self-serving and with the first murder begins an attempt by more than one person to hide past deeds.

Guest stars are: Julia Sawalha (Absolutely Fabulous) as Penny Henderson; Aden Gillett as Christopher Corby; and Ralf Little as Jared Horton

Whitcombe Mallet's annual harvest fair bring daredevils riders to the aptly-named Wall of Death in Harvest Of Souls. Although the owner of an equestrian centre has apparently been accidentally trampled to death by his horse, it is the beginning of a case where lies and deceit surround the guilty.

Guest Stars include: Michelle Holmes as Trina Nevins; Michael Higgs as Butch Nevins; Sean Gleeson as Rod Barkham; Amber Rose Revah (Indian Summers) as Jessica Myerscough; Meera Syal as Clara; and Saskia Reeves as Summer Pitt.

By now, Barnaby and Nelson have a very intimate knowledge of murder most foul. Midsomer Murders hits the right spot for a light-hearted, carefully constructed whodunit that is highly addictive.

Underlining the series' continuing popularity, Midsomer Murders Cluedo is now available. Midsomer Murders is one of the UK's best television programme exports with sales to 225 territories, from Afghanistan to Zambia. It is also a hit on Facebook, where the official page has over 185,000 fans.

Music Composed by Jim Parker; Screenplay by Rachel Cuperman and Sally Griffiths, Lisa Holdsworth, Paul Logue, Chris Murray, Jeff Povey and Caleb Ranson; Based on Characters Created by Caroline Graham; Executive Producers: Jo Wright and Kim Crowther; Produced by Phil Hunter; Directed by Alex Pillai, Renny Rye, Rob Evans, Matt Carter and Nick Laughland.

* Midsomer Murders — The Complete Series Eighteen recently seen on ITV1, is released on DVD in the UK, on the Acorn label of RLJ Entertainment on 9 May 2016. Certificate: 12 | Running Time: 534 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: AV3288 | RRP: 39.99.

"Midsomer Murders hits the right spot as a light-hearted, carefully constructed whodunit that is highly addictive" ~ Maggie Woods