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Minnie & Moskowitz

Minnie & Moskowitz“An off-beat, quirky, low-budget
  romantic comedy that follows
  the unlikely matching of a disillusioned
  divorcee with a loud, brash parking
  lot attendant, Minnie & Moskowitz is
  fascinating viewing...

OPENING A WINDOW ONTO THE LIFE of 40-year-old LA County Museum curator Minnie (Gena Rowlands), Minnie & Moskowitz explores her life after her divorce, beginning with her friendship with colleague Florence and her relationship with married boyfriend Jim (John Cassavetes).

Pioneering director and legendary actor John Cassavetes not only stars in Minnie & Moskowitz, but he also wrote and directed the film, a breakaway move from his usual style. As Jim, he portrays a man for whom life's frustrations are endless. His attraction to Minnie, his wife's emotional blackmail and the welfare of his three sons conflict with his seemingly uncontrollable outbursts of anger and violence.

When his wife attempts suicide, Jim abruptly and cruelly breaks all contact with Minnie and she is consoled by Florence, who arranges a lunch date with a man she has never met. Her blind date is disastrous and the disillusioned Minnie, who often wears a huge pair of sunglasses, is rescued by the loud and brash, but kind and caring, Seymour Moskowitz (Seymour Cassel), an unlikely pony-tailed, moustachioed, truck-driving hero who falls in love with Minnie at first sight.

There is a touching, real-world poignancy to this film; with the disillusioned Minnie surprisingly finding much to like about the pedantic, argumentative Moskowitz, who has his own ideas of how things should be. An amusing and well-observed take on the lives of two mismatched characters who find love with each other and have the ability to overlook each other's failings, Minnie & Moskowitz will tug at your heart strings and make you smile.

Can the insistent Seymour convince Minnie, his seemingly polar opposite, to fall in love with him? Can they fit into each other's lives and find a place in each other's hearts? Featuring outstanding performances, Minnie & Moskowitz is a sympathetic look at the relationship between a couple who are worlds apart and shows a lighter side to the wonderful John Cassavetes.

This low budget comedy was originally released in 1971 and is something of a family affair as Minnie & Moskowitz features John's wife, the talented Gena Rowlands, his mother Katherine Cassavetes, his brother-in-law David Rowlands and several of his children as extras.

The film also starred frequent collaborators Seymour Cassel and Timothy Carey and features Val Avery, Elizabeth Deering, Elsie Ames, Lady Rowlands, Holly Near and Judith Roberts. Directors of Photography are: Arthur J Ornitz, Alric Edens and Michael Margulies; Produced by Al Ruban; Written and Directed by John Cassavetes.

Minnie & Moskowitz makes its UK DVD debut, courtesy of Mr Bongo Films, on 4 April 2011. Catalogue Number: MRBDVD036 | Certificate: 12 | RRP: £12.99 | Running Time: 114 Minutes.

"…amusing and well-observed… Minnie & Moskowitz will tug at your heart strings and make you smile"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Captivatingly witty" — Time Out

"The most accessible, and endearing example of his [John Cassavetes] very exceptional art" — TV Guide