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MulanThe Chinese legend of Mulan, made
  internationally famous by Disney
  classic 1998 animated feature, lives on
  in the retelling by Cine Asia of the story
  of the historic folk heroine who takes
  her ailing father
s place on the battlefield
  and rises through the ranks

THE EPIC, ALL-ACTION FILM MULAN begins with the barbarian Rouran hordes planning to conquer the Central Plains of China. The Emperor has decreed that all families of the Northern Province must help to protect their homelands, but Hua Mulan (Vicki Zhao: Red Cliff; 14 Blades; Shaolin Soccer) has no brothers and her father Hua Hu (Rongguang Yu) is too ill to fight.

Disguising herself as a male soldier, Mulan runs away with her father's horse and his armour to enlist in the army, where she proves herself to be competent in the art of war. Her clever military strategies and her bravery as the conflict develops see her rising quickly through the ranks to become a general as the invading armies begin closing in.

But she is distracted by fellow general Wentai (Kun Chen), who has discovered her secret and with whom she has fallen in love. Establishing herself as a true military leader, Mulan is willing to sacrifice everything to defend her nation and bring honour to her family. But, as Wentai has predicted, her fear for him is in danger of affecting her judgement and when she hears he has been killed she is overcome with grief.

An extravagant, action-packed spectacle, Mulan tells a story of unequalled heroism and undying love set against the thrilling backdrop of a bloody war fought between rival warrior tribes and dynasties with a Princess who dreams of peace and speaks out against her ruthless elder brother, who fuels the evil of war.

Awe-inspiring, compelling and filled with astonishing action-sequences, the film is both a moving romance and an exhilarating and brutal action adventure. Beautifully told and dramatically constructed, Mulan is utterly delightful.

Mulan, in Mandarin with English subtitles, also features Jaycee Chan (Twins Effect 2), son of martial arts legend Jackie, as Fei Xiaohu; Jun Hu as Modu; Zhou Sun as the Emperor; Yuxin Liu as the Rouran Princess; and Vitas as Wude. The film is Directed by Jingle Ma (Seoul Raiders; Silver Hawk; Tokyo Raiders); Co-Directed by Wei Dong and Written by Ting Zhang.

Described as Braveheart meets An Empress And The Warriors, Mulan is a lavish, live-action period epic that breathes vibrant new life into the inspirational Chinese legend. Mulan is released by Cine Asia as a two-disc Ultimate Edition DVD and as a single disc Ultimate Edition Blu-ray on 21 June (2010). Certificate: 15 | RRP: DVD: 17.99; Blu-ray: 24.99.

Special Features include:

Making Of Featurette | Behind The Scenes Featurette | Interview Gallery | Dolby Digital Mandarin 2.0 and 5.1 audio Options (DVD) | TS HD Master Audio Japanese 5.1 and Dolby Digital Mandarin 2.0 Audio Options (Blu-ray) | English Subtitles | Trailer.

"Beautifully told and dramatically constructed, Mulan is utterly delightful" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar