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Murder: The Complete Series
Murder: The Complete Series   “Birger Larsen, the director behind
  critically-acclaimed Danish series
  The Killing, headed the innovative Bafta
  award-winning drama Murder: Joint
which spawned three new
  films; airing on BBC Two in March 2016
  and released on DVD as Murder:
  The Complete Series

USING THE SAME UNIQUE FORMAT as the Bafta award-winning drama Murder: Joint Enterprise, three new films join the Murder stable: The Third Voice, Lost Weekend and The Big Bang — all the praiseworthy result of intensive research in the public galleries of The Old Bailey.

Inspired by real-life cases and drawing upon them for authenticity, co-creators Robert Jones (Ballykissangel) and Kath Mattock (Buried) use CCTV and live action as they explore the psyche of the victims, the witnesses and the suspects.

This terrific series
of crime dramas
involves the viewer in
a unique, intimate
and absorbing
into the world
of murder
As the complex layers of the crimes unfold, providing a unique perspective of the course of each murder investigation and the statements of those involved, the rich forensic and psychological detail of Murder: The Complete Series contributes to the feeling of the real life investigation of the crimes.

In The Third Voice, wealthy Scottish doctor Rafe Carey (Frank Gilhooley) is found dead in the river with a knife wound near his heart and suspicion falls upon his sister's husband Leo Durridge (Peter McDonald), who is still grief-stricken at the loss of his seven-year-old daughter Sonia (Naomi Leonard-Morgan).

Sonia died while in the care of Rafe when Leo and his wife Katrina (Shauna MacDonald), who was extremely close to her brother, were away on a holiday in Rome paid for by Rafe.

A witness, vagrant Desmond (Maurice Roves), insists he heard three voices and a shout of "Frankie". Local petty thief Frankie Alder (Conor McCarron) is then linked to the crime and D S Evans (Morven Christie: Twenty Twelve), who herself has an issue with justice, sifts through forensic evidence to find the killer.

The Third Voice, written by Robert Jones, also features: Valene Kane as Brennan; Stewart Preston as Malcolm; and Kim Allan as Isabel.

Lost Weekend sees troubled 35-year-old US citizen Arla Beckman (Brooke Johnston) disappear while staying the weekend with unsavoury boyfriend Dominic (Sebastian Armesto), the son of wealthy aristocrat Greville (Peter Bowles: To The Manor Born), with whom Dominic has serious issues.

Arla runs the London Life Raft charity, which her parents have funded to help vulnerable youngsters turn their lives around. Young Bryony Phelps (Hayley Squires) has benefited from the charity and now works with Arla, to whom she is devoted, almost to obsession.

Arla and Dominic have sex- and drug-fuelled weekends and after her disappearance Dominic insists she left to go to a meeting and that she has a history of going off. However, CCTV footage shows her entering the door to his flat but not coming out again.

Bryony believes Dominic is lying and her questions on social media cause Dominic's father to issue her with a legal letter stopping her posting "false and defamatory" suggestions about his son.

DCI Goss (Anne-Marie Duff: Shameless) has to work out if Dominic knows more about Arla's disappearance than he admits to; and if either Hamad (Tom Reed), a young man helped by the charity who constantly calls her on her mobile, or Dominic's drug dealer Kendrick (Tommy McDonnell) have something to hide.

Written by Robert Jones, Lost Weekend also features: Lewis Baxter as Laurence; and Sam Hynes as Young Dominic. Director of Photography is Benjamin Kracun; Director is Paul Wright (For Those In Peril).

In The Big Bang three professional criminals are arrested for the murder of divorced off-duty policeman Stuart Prescott (Matthew Clancy), who was killed while taking his seven-year-old daughter Jess (Dior Miller-McPhail) to a Leisure Centre to swim.

Clyde Harris (David Wilmot), Whitmore Harris (Michael Smiley) and Curtis Kodro (Johann Myers) were robbing a Bailiff's Office of seized valuables while heavily disguised and wearing balaclavas.

Stuart had parked his car across the far end of the car park at his daughter's insistence and as he left Jess at the centre to move the car closer he confronted the three men, one of whom shot him. But which one?

Each refused to say who actually fired the shot and were all imprisoned. Ten years later a still grieving Jess (played as a teenager by Jessica Barden: The Lobster) wants to know who killed her father.

Believing her father left to be with Lizette, a young prostitute whom he arrested for shoplifting, Jessica dreamed of her parents being reconciled but those hopes were dashed in one moment of madness.

As the brothers relate their story from their own points of view, Jess who blames herself for her father's death is desperate to find out which one of them pulled the trigger of the gun that killed her father.

The Big Bang
, written by Robert Jones, also features: Professor Brian Cox as Television Presenter; and Edith Bowman as Radio Presenter. Directors are: Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard (Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories).

Each character relates their version of events to the camera and the story unfolds from every angle, giving each character's version of events. Who is really guilty? This terrific series of crime dramas involves the viewer in a unique, intimate and absorbing plunge into the world of murder investigations.

Series created by Robert Jones and Kath Mattock; Composer is Paul Leonard-Morgan; Director of Photography is Michael McDonough; Executive Producers are: Robert Jones, Kath Mattock and Rob Pursey; Producer is Kath Mattock; and Director is Birger Larsen.

* Murder: The Complete Series arrives on DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment's Acorn Label, released in the UK on 21 March 2016. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 234 Minutes Approx on 2 Discs | Catalogue Number: AV3228 | RRP: 19.99.

Bonus Features Disc Murder: Joint Enterprise. Following the killing of Erin (Lara Rossi), her sister Coleen (Karla Crome: Misfits) and young soldier, Stefan (Joe Dempsie: Skins), are charged with murder. Did an evening out go badly wrong or is there another explanation for the girl's death? DI Sheehy (Robert Pugh: Justice) is in charge of the case.

Joint Enterprise also features: Stephen Dillane (The Tunnel) as Arlo Raglin; Lauren Socha (Misfits) as Deena; Claire Rushbrook as Ellen; Darren Campbell as Heskett Jupp; and Kate Donnelly as Pathologist.

Cinematography is by Lol Crawley; Writer is Robert Jones; Executive Producers are: Rob Pursey and Matthew Read; Producer is Kath Mattock; Director is Birger Larsen.

"Murder: The Complete Series This terrific series of crime dramas involves the viewer in a unique, intimate and absorbing plunge into the world of murder investigations" ~ Maggie Woods

"Electrifyingly tense ****" ~ The Telegraph

"Adventurous new take on the conventional crime drama" ~ The Observer